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Dream Pad Net Worth 2024 – Is the Company Functional After Shark Tank?




Dream Pad Net Worth

In a world where we are burdened with so much stress, we must focus on things that help us prioritize our sleep. Dream Pad was created to ensure quality sleep for people. The product was initially launched for children and later released for adults too.

What takes this product to the heights of success is the fact that it’s a patented product, with a unique design play that helps you relax and have a comfortable night of sleep. 

If you have been wondering how the company has been doing after its episode on Shark Tank, you have come to the right place. This article will delve deeper into the subject.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Randall Redfield
Business details: Pillows with Music through vibrations
Founded in: 2007
Location : Colorado, USA
Asking of Company: $800,000 for 10% equity
Accepted Deals: No Deal
Sharks on board (Investors): None
Shark Tank Episode: Season 09 Episode 05
Net Worth $800,000
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2024
Social Media Instagram

About the Founder

Dream Pad has been co-founded by Randall Redfield, who is also the co-founder of Integrated Learning Systems which is responsible for the manufacture of the Dream Pad.

ILS seems to be a versatile company that transiently works with not just the production of the Dream Pad but also working alongside therapists and educators to better streamline the user experience.

We mentioned in the beginning that the Dream Pad Pillow was initially designed and developed for autistic children, to offer them a more relaxed and holistic sleeping experience. However, once the product gained a good response, that’s when Randall decided to mass produce the product for the public.

Founding Dream Pad

If you are completely clueless as to what a Dream Pad is, it is a specially designed pillow that plays a soft tune or anything that the user wants to lull them to sleep. There are different types of pre-programmed tunes, including white noise, sleep stories, etc.

The product was designed to help autistic children have a comfortable night of sleep. It was designed as part of the sleep therapy space. Its intention wasn’t necessarily to just be a comfortable pillow but a highly functional one.

Even though it was initially designed for children, things have changed significantly since it is now mass-produced for anyone that struggles to get quality sleep due to stress or trauma.

Dream Pad

On Shark Tank

Randall went on Shark Tank with the intent to gain a good amount of investment so he could further ramp up the production of the product and make it more accessible to the public.

He asked for $800,000 for 10% of the company. During the pitch, he even welcomed the Sharks to come around and test the pillow themselves. When Randall clarified that the pillow retailed for $159, that’s when the sharks backed out.

Randall had to walk out of the show without any investments.

After Shark Tank

After failing to secure an investment from the Sharks, Randall launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. During the initial round, they managed to raise around $75,000, which they used towards the launch of DreamPad 2.0.

With Dream Pad being available in Walmart and Amazon, the product has made a good amount in sales, especially concerning revenue. It has a projected reach of around 6 million dollars in revenue.

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