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Facebook and Instagram new Creator tools




Facebook and Instagram Get new Creator Tools

Meta is on the roll with the latest technological reforms via their two premium social media apps – Facebook and Instagram.

They recently announced the launch of various new creator tools as part of their Creator Week 2022, enabling the varying creators on the platform to make good money off of the social media platforms.

If you are a creator on either or both of these social media platforms, familiarizing yourself with these creator tools should come in handy.

Digital Collectibles on Instagram

Creators on Instagram shortly will be able to create digital collectibles and generate revenue from the same. Not just on Instagram, reports suggest that this particular feature will also be integrated into Meta, allowing creators to jump on the bandwagon of NFTs, Polygon blockchain, etc.

The feature will be launched as a beta version and will be the first access to a few creators in the US. But, as it garners more prominence, it should be available in other parts of the world.

Subscription model on Instagram

Much like YouTube and Patreon, Instagram will now have a subscription option where interested creators will be able to earn income by letting their fans or followers pay a subscription fee to access their content.

For eligibility, Meta reports that the creator has to be 18+ and they should have over 10,000 followers. Even this feature will be available gradually with test runs.

Facebook Stars and Instagram gifts

Another digital creator tool that is going to make the rounds on Facebook and Instagram shortly is the inclusion of Facebook Stars and Instagram Gifts.

The users on Instagram will now have the choice to send their favorite creator gift items by purchasing stars inside the app. This particular feature will be more prominent in the Reels section, as was announced by the company.

Besides the video content, Instagram users will also be able to send stars to their favorite creators on their non-video content, including photos and text posts.

The Facebook creators will get access to a Professional Mode for their profile, which will provide them with easy access to a variety of different content creation tools.

Whether or not Meta further expands on their list of different creator tools after this is something we’d have to wait and look forward to. But, these initial updates will most likely streamline the process of content creation further.


Yash Dalmia is an Author here at Patty360. He is a passionate writer and a manager. He has also worked in many different websites as Author and content manager and has experience over 7yrs in this field.

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