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Flipstik Net Worth 2023: How Did Flipstik Gain popularity post Shark Tank pitch?




Flipstik Net Worth

Flipstik came up with an innovative solution for one of the most important needs of today’s world. Be it any age group, everyone is addicted to making videos and shooting reels on their mobile phones. 

Also, some would be in a situation to attend office meetings and they would not be having their laptops with them. If they have the Flipstik with them, they can end up attending the video calls over their phones just by affixing their phones onto a surface.

It is not required to carry your selfie stick everywhere to get the right selfie or your tripod everywhere to shoot the videos; just a Flipstik would be more than enough. 

Establishing Flipstik 

It just takes a small spark for the origin of a great product. Flipstik was born in such a manner only. 

The founder of the product happened to strike up a conversation with his uncle who worked at NASA. He had once discussed with Akeem, the founder about reusable adhesives. 

This sparked Akeem’s mind as to why he shouldn’t be creating a product that enables mobile phones to shoot videos and click pictures without someone having to hold it. 

After many tries, he ended up with an amazing product like Flipstik. 

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Flipstik Shark Tank Pitch 

Flipstick was launched in the year 2018 but the founder decided to pitch in the product in Shark Tank in the year 2020. The product was shown to the public via Shark Tank in Season 12 Episode 4 which was aired on November 6, 2020. 

The product received a good reception in the show and the founder pitched around 100,000 dollars for his product to the sharks in the show. 

Before pitching in Shark Tank, the founder had taken the product across various social media influencers and other means of marketing the product. 

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After Shark Tank Pitch 

The first and foremost reason the inventors pitch in their products in this show is to get investments for their products. In this case, the investor ended up getting good returns for their product. 

The product was valued at 400,000 dollars when it was first introduced in the show; the product later got a valuation of 500,000 dollars after it was popularized via the show. 

The current valuation of the company is $25 million which is an astounding amount. 

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About the Founder

Akeem, the founder of the product is a Chemical Engineering student at the prestigious Harvard University. He ended up losing the scholarship due to various reasons. 

This made him take up a sales person role in many companies where he developed the skill to become his boss. 

He had always dreamt of having his own company. His chemical engineering background coupled with the conversation he had with his uncle who worked at NASA gave rise to the adhesive kickstand technology product which can stick itself to any phone cover. 

The product never lost its adhesiveness even after many washes and has been successful post various tests. The founder has also patented the product.

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1. Is Flipstik still in business?

Flipstik is still in business, as of reports in 2023. If you were wondering whether or not they are selling their products, they are. Reports also suggest that they have further diversified their business to 300+ Target stores across the country. There are also rumors that by the end of 2023, the products will be available in AT&T stores and Pilot Flying J travel centers.

2. How much is Flipstik valued?

Following their appearance on Shark Tank and over the years of successful business, Flipstik is currently valued at $5 million. They also have had a recent round of fundraising, which has further increased their valuation in the market.

3. How long does Flipstik last?

The synthetic setae material that Flipstik is made with is reusable and washable, which means that if you find the product dirty or sticky, the only thing you’d need to do in that case is clean it. It lasts for up to a year on average.

4. What happened to Flip it after Shark Tank?

Although Stephen, the founder of Flipstik didn’t manage to secure a deal on the platform, the good news is that the sales of the product rose pretty significantly. So, if you have been worried about things not selling, that isn’t a concern at all.

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