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Top 6 Free Music Apps that Still Work Offline




music apps that work offline

Planning for a road trip or maybe camping? If you want to listen to some music without any WiFi nearby, then you definitely need offline apps to enjoy your favorite songs no matter where you are.

Now, the tricky part is that most apps you can download have to be connected to the internet, but very few actually offer offline access.

To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of the best apps you can download. These apps allow you to download songs, save them to your playlist, and listen to them without having to connect your device online. Here are our top choices of music apps for 2020.

1. SoundCloud

Price: Free
App Rating: 4.5

With SoundCloud, you can make your own playlist, add mixes, tracks, and all the music you want. Once you’ve downloaded them, you can play your playlist offline. This app has the biggest sound repository you can get for a music app. When you are online, it records the music you listen to and suggests other tracks you might like.

2. Spotify Music

Price: Free
App Rating: 4.5

Spotify Music works the same way as SoundCloud. You make your own playlist, customize it to your taste, and add all the songs you want to listen to when you go offline.

3. Pandora

Price: Free
App Rating: 4.3

Even though Pandora doesn’t have a vast library with songs, it compensates for it with its numerous features. You can set an alarm clock via the app to wake you up with your no.1 song. Plus, since you have plenty of music stations to listen to, you won’t need that much WiFi.

4. Wynk Music

Price: Free
App Rating: 4.4

Wynk has an interesting listing section where you can see the latest most popular songs, top 100, or viral tracks. While this app caters towards the Indian public, it does have more than 3 million different songs in various languages so people can enjoy them. With the app, you can listen to the radio, download the songs you like, and access them when you are offline.

5. Google Play Music

Price: Free
App Rating: 4.1

Google Play Music often comes pre-installed on your android device, so it saves you the trouble of looking for it. You can browse for your favorite tracks, save them to your device, organize them, and play them even without WiFi. You can also tune in to the radio if you don’t feel like downloading any music tracks.

6. Deezer

Price: Free
App Rating: 4.6

After you sign up, you get to choose the music genres that suit your choice of music. You can listen to the radio, download tracks, and access them when you are offline. The cool thing about this app is that you can follow your favorite artist and get a notification every time they post something new. That way, you won’t miss out on anything.