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The Net Worth Of G-Dragon in 2024 – A Popular South Korean Rapper And His Rise To Fame




G-Dragon Net Worth

Kwon Ji-Yong, better known as G-Dragon, is a South Korean entertainer and an icon to many around the world. He stands at the top of the K-Pop industry and continues to excel in music, fashion, acting, and more. All the hard work has contributed to his immense wealth.

G-Dragon began his career at a young age as a trainee at YG Entertainment. In 2006, he debuted as part of Big Bang, one of the most successful K-pop acts of all time. He has since become one of the biggest stars in all of South Korea—not only for his music but also for his fashion sense and larger-than-life personality.

Over the past ten years, G-Dragon’s music career has been consistently successful—he was voted the “Best Artist” at both the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards and the 2012 Melon Music Awards—and he’s had tour stops in Europe and Japan. He’s also collaborated with some standout global artists like Missy Elliott and Diplo. This tremendous success led to an estimated net worth of $35 million as of 2021—an incredible milestone for a rap artist from Seoul.

Quick Facts

Full NameKwon Ji-yong
Birth DateAugust 18, 1988
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Song Writer, Record Producer, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer
Country of OriginSouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth (as of 2024)$30 million
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2024
Social MediaInstagram

Early Ventures And Investments

With a net worth of over $35 million, G-Dragon is one of the most influential and successful celebrities in South Korea. So, how did he get there? Through his music career and several other investments, to be precise.

Long before he found success as a musician, G-Dragon was already investing in various business ventures. During this time, he shelled out money to become a shareholder in various startups across the country. 


G-Dragon’s Net Worth 

G-Dragon’s net worth is impressive—in fact, it’s estimated to be around $35 million! But how did the South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer make his fortune?

  • Earnings Breakdown

Let’s take a closer look at how G-Dragon earned his wealth. G-Dragon has made a name for himself with his solo career as well as being part of the South Korean boy band Big Bang. He makes money from music sales, album and tour sales, endorsement deals, investments, and more.

  • Music Revenue

Music sales are a significant source of income for G-Dragon and other musicians like him. His albums have sold millions of copies in South Korea and abroad. In addition to music sales, G-Dragon also makes money from tour revenue, endorsements, and merchandising.

  • Endorsements, Deals, and Merchandise

G-Dragon has endorsement deals with several brands, including Calvin Klein, LG Electronics Inc., Hyundai Motors, and many more. He has also released merchandise such as clothing lines, mobile games, and collectable figurines—all of which help him rake in the cash.

G-Dragon’s earnings are truly remarkable—he’s one of the wealthiest artists in South Korea!


1. What is G Dragon’s current net worth?

G Dragon is one of the richest and most popular South Korean rappers. His estimated net worth is around $35 million. A major chunk of his wealth came from his career as a rapper. Besides that, he generates a significant amount from various brand deals and endorsements.

2. Why is G Dragon popular?

G Dragon, born as Kwon Ji-Yong is a famous South Korean rapper. He is known for his success in the K-pop industry. Besides being a great rapper, he is also a skilled actor and fashion model. His hard work has contributed to his fame and wealth.

3. Which South Korean band G Dragon belongs to?

G Dragon is a member of the boy group Big Bang. He debuted as a rapper under YG Entertainment in 2006. Big Bang happens to be one of the most successful K-pop acts in the world.

4. What are the brands G Dragon has worked with?

G Dragon has worked with many top-level brands. Some of those are Calvin Klein, Hyundai Motors, LG Electronics, and others. Not only that, but he has also launched his clothing lines, collectible figurines, and mobile games.

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