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Gener8 Net Worth: App For Securing Data




Gener8 Net Worth

Tracking personal information through websites may be a problem for some people. Gener8 is software that offers a way out to an issue that marketers detest bringing up in the limelight.

Gener8 suggests two ways to deal with this problem: either prohibit every website from monitoring your activity or permit them to do so in return for bonuses.

Sam Jones, the owner of this idea, pitched his company to Dragon’s Den. Was it acceptable to the Dragons? Let us know about it.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Sam Jones
Business details: Online vouchers in response to data received by advertisers
Founded in: 2002
Location : UK
Asking of Company: £60,000 For 10% Equity
Accepted Deals: £60,000 For 10% Equity
Dragon on board (Investors): Peter Jones
Touker Suleyman
Dragons’ Den Episode: Season 18 Episode 04
Net Worth £30 million
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2024
Social Media Instagram

About the Founder 

Sam Jones was once a global marketing manager at Redbull. He graduated from Cardiff University with an honors degree in philosophy before beginning his professional career.

Jones had this idea that every individual should gain from businesses trading their personal information. He is committed to helping others, and he contributed a sizable percentage of his earnings to support the battle against the Australian blazes.

Founding the Gener8 

A web browser extension called Gener8 supports consumers in making use of their information. There are two categories of modes: incentives and security. Websites cannot trace users’ internet activity when in a confidential zone. The incentives mode enables users to pass on their private information to particular businesses while also assisting them in polishing their areas of expertise.

However, 80% of the money earned through lawfully trading information goes back to the customer, while 20% is given to Gener8. After that, the software gives the visitors credit, which may be exchanged for incentives. Gener8 users typically earn $6.35 to $31.75 every month by marketing their data to third parties.


Dragon’s Den Appearance 

Jones presented his company to the Dragons in April 2021 in episode 4 of season 18. He requested $76,193.40 for 10% ownership. The Dragons held a constructive conversation about the concept, which followed an exceedingly polished and passionate presentation. Jones seeks solace in knowing that Google has not launched an attack on the marketplace or the concept of the organization, this calmed the Dragons. However, they praised him for his firmness and his morality.

Following that, the auction began. Firstly, Peter entered the auction with a 10% share for $76,193.40. Deborah commended Jones’ efforts to allay public worries about data extraction. She also made an offer of $76,190.10 for 10%. Touka intervened and provided twelve months of complimentary workspace between six and eight employees in addition to $76,190.10 for 10% ownership.

Jones took a pause and reflects on the scenario before responding with a combined 5% agreement worth $38,095.05 for Touka and Peter, including Touka’s facilities. Without any further debate, the two agreed to the offer, and Jones walked away with a sense of satisfaction.

After Dragon’s Den 

The number of visits to Gener8’s webpage increased dramatically after the episode premiered. Sam claims that their online presence received nearly 1.5 million visits and more than 500,000 individuals installed the application.

The roughly estimated wealth of the company, Gener8 is $38 million in 2024. This is valued at 50 times greater than what was discussed on the TV show.

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