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Heart Pup Net Worth 2023 – How is the ‘Pup Carrier’ Brand Doing After Shark Tank?




Heart Pup Net Worth

Our pets play an integral part in our life. Not only are they an extension of ourselves, they somehow manage to make our lives better just with their existence. To further include a product that’s unique and different, Heart Pup was introduced on Shark Tank.

Designed and owned by Anastasia Balyura, Heart Pup managed to catch the attention of all the Sharks on the show. But, the question is, “How is the brand doing after its appearance on Shark Tank?”

This article will further venture into exploring all that you need to know about Heart Pup, its net worth, and its valuation post Shark Tank.

About the Founder

Heart Pup was founded by Anastasia Balyura, who describes the product to be one of the best pup carriers in the market. 

The USP? The heart-shaped design is what takes the cake. The carrier is primarily designed for smaller puppies and even kittens and cats to be carried around with ease. 

Being a pet lover herself, Anastasia Balyura wanted to design a carrier that was not only comfortable and snug but functional and stylish too.

Founding Heart Pup

As we mentioned, Heart Pup is the brainchild of Anastasia Balyura. She is the one who not only created the prototype but also the final product that she is selling in the market right now.

The product is designed using a combination of breathable Italian cashmere wool and cotton, which provides the puppies and the kittens the comfort they need while staying snugly close to their owners.

What’s great about the Heart Pup is that the carrier is designed to fit around the person’s shoulder, making it a lot more comfortable to wear and carry your puppy around without any hassle. The pouch in the front is where one can fit their puppy.

At Shark Tank

When Anastasia Balyura appeared on Shark Tank with her business, her primary objective was to onboard third-party manufacturers that would help her scale her production.

She pitched for $25,000 for 10% equity, which is a considerably low amount. Almost all the Sharks were pretty hooked to the product idea initially but all of them backed down when they found the retail price of the product to be too high.

In the end, Daymond John offered $50,000 for 40% equity of the company. Although it seems like a steep price, Anastasia agreed readily.

After Shark Tank

Following the Shark Tank episode, the company gained a lot of exposure and traction and was even featured on leading media outlets like Teen Vogue and Bustle.

The company has an estimated net worth of around $100,000. That said, we don’t have any idea about the kind of revenue that the company is making. This is primarily because they haven’t made any of those numbers public yet.

However, with the initial traction that the company gained from the Shark Tank episode, we can assume that they are doing pretty well with their sales and revenue.

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