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How did Dora Die? Is Her Character Dead Canonically?




How did Dora Die?

Irrespective of how old you are, there’s not one person in the world who isn’t aware of who Dora is and the kind of chokehold she has on kids across the world. With TikTok becoming one of the main sources of our entertainment, it isn’t surprising that the platform is known for creating new trends each day.

But, sometimes, certain posts and videos leave you in shock, scratching your head with worry. Dora, the Explorer, which is many children’s childhood favorite, might have a very dark backstory, according to some videos on TikTok.

How did Dora Die

If you aren’t an active TikTok user or don’t use the platform at all, we are here to deliver you all the latest news and all that you need to know about Dora’s death.

How did Dora Die?

The popularity and the Google search of “How did Dora Die” skyrocketed in recent times on the internet. It became a trending topic pretty soon and people are consistently looking for a cohesive answer on the internet.

As in most cases, there are several views on the subject and people are shocked reading about other people’s fan theories about Dora’s death.

However, the most standard answer is that Dora died after drowning in the water. Given how much of an adventure junkie this little girl was, this seems like a plausible reason behind her death.

Did Dora, the Explorer, Actually Die?

Now, a chunk of the audience is very curious to know whether or not Dora canonically died in the show.

And, while there are several fan theories and speculations, there’s a 99% chance that Dora didn’t die canonically, which means that she didn’t die in the show at all.

When you look up, “How did Dora die?”, the most common answers include getting sucked into quicksand in the river, falling into a gorge, getting attacked by a crocodile, etc.

However, what most people fail to realize is the fact that all of these factors stem from a fan-made video called “Dora No More”, which isn’t canonical or has any official ties with the actual Dora that we have watched growing up.

The caption of this video reads, “Exploring can be dangerous for kids,” and highlights some of the most plausible ways in which Dora could have died in the show.

Although none of these “expected scenarios” are canon, it has come out to be quite a fun source of entertainment for people who are into conspiracy theories.

What are the Popular Fan Theories about Dora’s Death?

Crafting conspiracy theories around fictional characters is a source of entertainment for several people. You will often come across individuals who have YouTube channels surrounding these subjects.

Popular Fan Theories about Dora’s Death

That said, when the trend of “How did Dora die?” get popular on TikTok, it isn’t surprising that several conspiracy theories came into being. Some of them are so realistic that they will make you question your entire existence.

  • As we mentioned before, the most common fan theory surrounding Dora’s death is that she died from drowning in the river or some kind of water body. However, a very small fraction of the show’s fans believes this theory.
  • Another popular fan theory that’s quite talked about regarding Dora’s death is that her death was unnatural. Many fans believe that Dora was murdered by the villains in the show. 
  • The third and very medical theory is that some fans believe that Dora was suffering from some kind of kidney problem, for which she was getting treatments. However, when the treatments eventually failed, that’s when she started to deteriorate and died.

These are the three most popular fan theories that most fans of the show believe in. There is no conclusive answer as to what happened to Dora and whether or not there is any evil mastermind behind her death. 

Some fans believe that Dora’s death is a hoax and that she is very much alive in the canon world.

Is Dora the Explorer Still Running?

Dora the Explorer, despite its popularity and the amazing fanbase that it created, the show ended in 2019 after running for a few years.

The show, which kicked off in 2000 ran on television for 19 years straight, making amazing episodes and also making learning and education a lot more fun for the children. If you want to watch the re-runs of the show, they are generally aired on Nick Jr.

What is the Premise of Dora the Explorer?

Given the fact that Dora ended in 2019, some children and adults have no idea about the show and what the hype was all about.

So, if you are sitting there being confused about what Dora, the Explorer is all about and why the show has managed to gain so much popularity, you are in the right place.

Dora, the Explorer was a popular children’s show, which centered on the protagonist – Dora. Adventurists, Dora went on quests each day and focused on cultural representation a lot. It was an extremely inclusive show, especially given the fact that Dora herself was a person of color.

This “point and click” show enabled the children to learn about several things, including items, foods, establishments, directions, etc. Dora made the entire learning process for the children quite fun and exhilarating too.

Soon after its release in 2000, Dora became a fan favorite in multiple households. Her longer adventures and her companion, which was a monkey, made the show even more fun for the children watching it.

How did “How did Dora Die” Trend?

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms on the internet and has a footfall of over a billion users each month. That said, this short-form video content platform is also notorious for making things trend in no time at all.

How did “How did Dora Die” Trend

So, when a TikTok user shared a video urging people to look up “How did Dora Die?”, a lot of speculations and fan theories surfaced. While many ignored the trend and believed in the fact that Dora didn’t die canonically, some users dived deeper into the fan theories to explore the grim truth behind the character’s death.

It was TikTok user, Talia Lopes, who started the trend of “How did Dora Die?” on TikTok if you are interested in watching her video.


There’s a 99% chance that Dora’s character is thriving and is quite well canonically. However, if you want to give into the masochistic thoughts and the grim theories, we’d suggest giving this a go and read more into what’s in the trend. Ideally, we’d suggest staying away from these fan-made theories since they don’t hold any truth to them.

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