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How Many Episodes In One Piece? Guide For First-Time Watchers




How Many Episodes In One Piece? Guide For First-Time Watchers

There are countless anime series on the internet, but not all of them are worth your time. As an anime enthusiast, you will want to watch something that engrosses you and leaves a mark on your mind. One such anime is One Piece. It is one of the longest-running anime series and was first released in 1999. Even after two decades, One Piece is still going strong and has thousands of episodes, spanning over 20 seasons.

One Piece is a popular shonen anime that has captivated viewers with its engaging storyline and exciting characters. However, due to the immense length, some people feel intimidated to watch it from the start. The episode count is vast and it’s still not over yet. 

If you are a hardcore anime fan and want to start watching One Piece, you are in the right place. This article will give you a detailed episode guide and other things that viewers should know.

What Is The Episode Count Of One Piece Anime?

One Piece is one of those anime that doesn’t seem to end. It first started in October 1999, and in 2023, it is still an ongoing series. People who haven’t watched the anime yet may wonder “how many episodes are there in One Piece?”

Currently, the series includes 1088 episodes (still ongoing), 15 movies, 13 TV specials, and 5 OVAs. Well, that’s a lot of content to watch if you start it from the beginning!

One Piece is based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga of the same name. As of summer 2023, anime season, the series is 24 years old. Over the years, it has accumulated numerous seasons and movies. 

One Piece episodes 1-206 were aired in 4:3 full-screen formats, while Episodes 207 onwards were broadcasted in 16:9 widescreen. 

The American version of the anime, localized by 4Kids Entertainment, excluded and combined certain episodes for censorship reasons. Funimation, the company that owns the license of the series, released uncut DVD box sets in 2008.

Funimation tries to make sure the English episode titles stay true to their original Japanese meanings as much as possible. The anime is still going on and can be watched in both dubbed and subbed versions through authorized sponsors.

Those interested in starting or catching up on anime can find it on different streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. These are all paid streaming sites and require users to subscribe to the platform. Before you subscribe, you should be informed that some platforms may not have all the episodes. So, make sure to check the episode list on the streaming site before getting the subscription.

How Many One Piece Movies Are There?

Apart from the 20 seasons, you also have 15 One Piece movies to watch. These movies are part of the ongoing story. 

Out of all the 15 movies released so far, the latest one is titled “One Piece: Red” which came out in August 2022. The story is set during the Wano arc but continues in its own time and space, expanding the overall story.

If you decide to watch all fifteen movies along with the regular episodes, it will take you more time to finish the entire series. For those wondering how long it takes to watch One Piece, including the 15 movies in your watch list will significantly increase the total viewing time. 

Watching a long anime series like One Piece requires serious dedication from fans.

How Much Time Will It Take To Complete Watching One Piece?

One Piece is currently on its 1,069th episode, which was aired on 16th July 2023. For someone watching the anime for the first time, catching up with future episodes would be a long journey. 

The episodes vary in duration, typically lasting between 22 and 24 minutes. Assuming an average of 24 minutes per episode, multiplying it by the total number of episodes (1,069) gives a total viewing time of 25,656 minutes. This is equivalent to 17.81 days or 427.6 hours.

However, if you include the fifteen films, the total viewing time extends to 18.73 days or 449.7 hours.

Keep in mind, that this calculation assumes continuous watching without breaks or sleep. If a viewer dedicates the usual eight hours a day reserved for school or work to the anime, it would take approximately 53.45 days to finish watching all the episodes. 

Adding the movies, the total days required would be 56.21, assuming this daily watching routine, including weekends, continues. This would mean non-stop viewing for almost two months – quite a challenging task.

If you subtract two and a half minutes of intro/outro from each episode, the total time for the 1,069 episodes comes to about 22,984 minutes. This translates to 15.96 days or 383.05 hours. This calculation again assumed continuous watching without any breaks or sleep. 

With the manga entering its final saga, more episodes are on the way, making catching up even more challenging as time goes on. Despite the challenge, watching One Piece is a worthwhile experience, especially with the anticipation of the Netflix live-action adaptation bringing Luffy’s journey to a new audience.

Can You Skip Any Episodes In One Piece?

With the massive episode count, any newcomer planning to watch the series might hesitate or consider the possibility of skipping certain episodes. Well, the good news is that you can skip a large portion of the anime because they are optional. Let’s delve into the details below.

Filler Arcs Are Optional

Any anime boasting over 500 episodes is likely to have some fillers, which can be skipped if you are not in the mood to watch the whole thing. This is a common occurrence because many anime series span years, and decades, similar to the run of One Piece. This makes it challenging for creators to maintain a weekly episode schedule, leading them to insert filler arcs or episodes when the primary storyline isn’t ready.

One Piece underwent multiple schedule adjustments throughout its two-and-a-half-decade run. Across its journey, the anime introduced a total of sixteen filler arcs, ranging from the initial Warship Island Arc in the East Blue Saga to Uta’s Past in the Wano arc.

Out of the anime’s 95 filler episodes, you can skip them if your goal is to navigate the main storyline. If possible, try to watch some of the filler arcs like Foxy’s Return and G-8 between episodes. These arcs inject a sense of relief with their enjoyable interactions.

Crossover & Special Episodes Are Not Important

Special episodes are made to commemorate significant additions to the series. One Piece features thirteen special episodes, which are not related to the main story.

While some of these specials are exciting to watch, episodes like 3D2Y: Luffy’s Pledge to His Friends carries a lot of spoilers. We recommend you skip all the special episodes to maintain the excitement.

Crossover episodes bring in characters from other series such as Toriko, Goku, and Gintama, presenting entirely independent stories with no impact on the main narrative. Their purpose is to promote various manga and anime.

Final Words

One Piece is a remarkable anime with 1088 episodes and counting. With its extensive journey, the anime has amassed a massive fan base and keeps them engaged with exciting content. While the episode count may be overwhelming for newcomers, it has allowed the creators to create an epic adventure for fans to enjoy.

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