Kodi Streaming Authorization Paring Error Fix [3 Working Methods 100%]

By | September 8, 2018 Kodi Streaming Authorization Paring Fix: Kodi media player is considered to be an excellent name used in the field of entertainment. This media player is known to provide loads of TV shows and movies. There exist various add-ons of the same that a person can add to the player so as to improve the user experience.

In this particular player, the user is known to come across various errors, authorization error being one of them. There are three different methods with which that this particular problem can be solved. Certain websites can also be used to solve this problem. Before, getting into the details let us take a closer look at the different methods used to solve the errors.

What is stream authorization error?

Before dwelling into the problem and solving the same one needs to first understand the problem. It is essential that a person gets an idea of what the problems are all about and then try and make sure to solve the error or problem. Many of the users are known to get this error. Most of them do not even know why this error is showing. If a person is getting this error and utilizing the Kodi media player then this basically means that one needs to authorize the stream so as to view the media content.

In the Kodi media player, the contents including TV shows and movies are known to be provided from the remote server. There are supposed to be multiple users trying to access these contents. There are not only pure users but also scrappers and bots trying to access the same.

If there are multiple users accessing similar content then it may lead to server failure. It may also lead to a server shut down if there is an extreme load on the server. Controlling this traffic is essential and making the content available to all of the users is important. This is why the stream authorization is known to be available.

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Method to solve the,, error:

Method 1: Direct Authorisation

One of the most preferred and simplest methods to solve the stream authorization error is by direct authorization. In here a person’s IP is verified directly for the service provider. To utilize this particular method to solve the different errors these simple steps need to be followed.

One of the main advantages of utilizing this method is the fact that it is independent of the device. It is known to use the IP simply to authenticate the user. This way one can verify the IP address from any devices the only thing that needs to be made sure is that both of the devices are on the same network. Here are the steps:

  • Start off with opening the web browser. In the address box of the browser one needs to enter any one of the URLs:, & – Stream Authorization Error Fixed

  • When a person enters the URL they will be re-directed to the page where they can see activate streaming button. Now one needs to click on this particular button. After clicking the button it is going to show a message ‘your IP has been activated for 4 hours.’ This message simply confirms the fact that one has verified their IP. After this, a person can watch their movies and shows for 4 hours. One needs to check their IP again within the time limit.

your IP has been activated for 4 hours

Method 2: Disable Hosters with Captcha

Another method to solve the stream authorization error is by disabling the Hoster with the captcha option found in the Kodi media player. This is done with the add-on settings of this particular player. A user is given the access to edit the settings related to the add-ons. To do this some steps need to be followed. The steps are:

  • One needs to right click on the add-on and then select the settings option.

Right Click on the add-on and select the settings option

  • The person needs to go to the playback menu.

Go to the Playback Menu

  • The third step involves finding the hoster with captcha option and then disabling it.

Find the Hoster with Captcha option and disable it

One thing that needs to be remembered is that a person needs to perform all of these steps for all the add-ons and disable the option.

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Method 3: Configure URL Resolver

Following the second method whereby a person needs to disable the option of hoster with captcha for all add-ons, this process, on the other hand, is time-consuming. To overcome this particular situation there does exist a solution. Utilising the third method one can disable the hoster with captcha option for all of the Kodi add-ons.

While utilizing the Kodi media players, the links are fetched by scarpers. They are known to be filtered which is then resolved to re-direct the same to the original server. Utilising this method one can block the service provider’s sites with the help of captcha. The steps that need to be followed include:

  • Firstly, a person needs to go into settings and select system settings. One needs to change the mode to expert mode.

First go to the settings and select System settings, Now change the mode to “Expert mode.”

  • Following the first one needs to go on to the add-on menu and then select manage dependency’s option.

Go to the addon menu and select Manage dependencies option

  • After selecting the manage dependency’s option one will see a list of options whereby one can select URL resolver from the list.

You will see a list of options, you have to select URL Resolver from the list

  • In the URL resolver window, one needs to click on the configure option.

In URL resolver window select the configure option

  • After clicking on the configure option a person will get a list of resolver that is arranged in the alphabetic order. A person needs to select any one of them.

You will get a list of Resolver arranged in alphabetic order select any of them

  • The last step is selecting any hosters with captcha.

last step is selecting any hosters with captcha

These are the three main methods that are utilized to solve the various errors that are found on the Kodi media player. If there are any other errors then there are several websites that exist which are known to give a different solution to the same. However, people usually face the errors that have been mentioned above. They are the most common errors and the methods spoken are the most effective way to deal with the same. here you will get the complete guideline on, or or openload pair Kodi error fix.

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