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Ice Age Meals Net Worth – Is the Frozen Food Company Profitable after Shark Tank?




Ice Age Meals Net Worth

The concept of frozen food isn’t foreign to us. But, what sets apart Ice Age Meals is their quality. Instead of packaging highly processed meals, the company’s primary focus is to provide its customers access to healthy frozen foods that they can cook and eat right out of the package.

What’s unique is that the Ice Age Meals are sold in cook-and-serve food packages and contain a variety of choices, including frozen meats, frozen veggies, frozen nuts and seeds, frozen fruits, etc. Also, the company claims that the meals they are selling are gluten-free and fat-free, which is yet another bonus.

This article will further look into everything you need to know about Ice Age Meals, its current valuation, and its revenue after Shark Tank.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Nick Massie
Business details: Frozen paleo meals
Founded in: 2014
Location : Reno, Nevada, USA
Asking of Company: $1,000,000 for 10% equity
Accepted Deals: No Deal
Sharks on board (Investors): None
Shark Tank Episode: Season 08 Episode 02
Net Worth $5 million
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2024
Social Media Instagram

About the Founders

The founder of Ice Age Meals is Nick Massie. When it comes to explaining more about who he is and what he does, Nick has completed his education at a reputed culinary school, which explains his passion for food, diet, and cooking.

Nick worked in a series of popular restaurants after completing his education. However, it was during this time that Nick got to work with Lance Armstrong. That’s when he got into the concept of CrossFit and wanted to combine this with the power of food to make a difference.

For the past two decades, Nick has been working alongside his team to cook delicious meals, which is what rallies into the Ice Age Meals business too.

Founding Ice Age Meals

Being in the culinary industry for quite some time, Nick already had an idea about cooking and the nutritional concepts that come with food.

However, it was during this time that Nick also realized that getting access to healthy foods was quite difficult. That’s where the idea and the passion for creating a food service that was healthy and accessible came to Nick’s mind.

Each meal in Ice Age Meals is prepared by Nick. If the meal turns out to taste good even after it’s frozen, that’s when it is sold to the public. At present, they are operating out of Reno, Nevada.

Ice Age Meals

At Shark Tank

Nick took his company to Shark Tank, where he asked for $1 million for 10% equity. During the presentation, Nick explained all the basics and the story behind the company to better give a perspective to the Sharks.

Although the Sharks were initially invested, they didn’t buy the high valuation of the company. Soon after, the Sharks backed out one by one.

Nick couldn’t land a deal with any of the sharks and left the show empty-handed.

After Shark Tank

The initial boost that the company received after Shark Tank was enough to fetch them steady sales. It even happened that they made $100,000 in sales just three hours after the episode aired.

The company is doing quite well and is highly profitable, bringing in $3 million in annual revenue, as of the reports published in 2021.

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