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Joby Martin Net Worth 2024 – Revealing the Wealth of One of the Richest Pastors




Joby Martin Net Worth

When you Google “Richest pastors in the U.S,” Joby Martin is a name that often pops up in the list. Joby Martin is a name synonymous with religious devotion and financial prosperity. 

As the founder of The Church of Eleven22, he has carved a unique niche in the Christian community, attracting followers with his charismatic preaching and progressive approach. With the kind of influence that Joby has had on the world, his dedicated followers are curious about his wealth.

If you want a glimpse into Joby Martin’s net worth and also the kind of life that he leads, we will cover all those details in this article.

Early Life

Joby Martin’s journey began in a small town in Texas. Raised in a devout Christian family, he developed a deep connection with his faith at a young age. This early exposure to religion would later shape his life’s calling.

Growing up, Joby was surrounded by discussions about religion, Jesus, and Christianity, it makes that it heavily influenced the perception that Joby had about things growing up. He was dedicated to making this his life’s motto and objective from there and he has stuck with it since then.

After graduating from high school, Joby enrolled in a Bible college, where he honed his theological understanding and leadership skills. It was during this time that he felt the calling to establish his church, a place where he could foster a more contemporary and inclusive expression of Christianity.

We couldn’t find much information about his parents, siblings, and family, in general. This is because none of his family prefers the highly publicized life that Joby leads at the moment. They seem to be happy to support him from the sidelines.


In 2009, Joby Martin’s vision materialized in the form of The Church of Eleven22. The church quickly gained popularity for its vibrant atmosphere, modern worship music, and Joby’s engaging sermons. His ability to connect with his congregation on a personal level, coupled with his emphasis on social justice and community outreach, resonated with a new generation of believers. 

The Church of Eleven22’s membership steadily grew, and with it, Joby Martin’s influence and reputation as a spiritual leader. Joby Martin’s success extends beyond the confines of his church. He is a sought-after speaker, regularly delivering motivational talks and workshops at conferences and events across the country.

His entrepreneurial spirit has also led him to venture into various business ventures, including the launch of his clothing line and a Christian music label. These endeavors have not only expanded his reach but also contributed significantly to his net worth.

Besides being a successful pastor, Joby is also a motivational speaker and focuses on preaching his sermons to the world to influence their lives for the better.

Personal Life

Despite his professional achievements, Joby Martin remains grounded in his personal life. He is a devoted husband to his wife, Gretchen, and a loving father to their children.

Growing up in a family that prioritized each other through and through, it makes sense that Joby does the same for his family as well. He likes to keep his family out of media exposure though to ensure their privacy.

Net Worth

While Joby Martin’s financial success is undeniable, the exact figures surrounding his net worth remain somewhat elusive. Reports do suggest that his net worth is between $3-$5 million but it could very well be a lot more, given the kind of fame that he has garnered in such a short period. He does give away a lot in philanthropic work.

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