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Jules Leblanc Net Worth 2024: All You Need to Know




Jules Leblanc Net Worth

Jules LeBlanc is a popular face on YouTube and the online world. The main reason behind her popularity is not just her YouTube channel but the fact that she works actively on her family’s YouTube channel called Bratayley too.

Initially, Jules only used to share her tutorials about gymnastics on her very own YouTube channel. Eventually, she changed the strategy of her content to gain more subscribers.

Quick Facts

Full NameJulianna Grace LeBlanc
Birth Date5th December 2004
Country of OriginUSA
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth (as of 2024)$4 million
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2024
Social MediaInstagram

Early Life & Family 

The exact age of Julie Le Blanc is 18 years old in 2024. She took birth in Augusta, GA on 5th December 2004 and is a Sagittarius by zodiac. Additionally, her educational background shows that she is a high school student in her hometown itself.

Before getting an online breakthrough, she lived her life just like a random girl. But, she is truly passionate about gymnastics. Thus, she planned about starting a YouTube channel to share different tutorials. Over time, people started to connect with her channel, and she also shared other types of videos.

The name of Jules LeBlanc’s mother is Katie and her father is Billy who is a YouTuber by profession. There are a lot of people who follow her father’s YouTube channel. Hayley is her sister who can be seen working with her on the Family Vlogs. Her elder brother was also a celebrity and YouTuber but he, unfortunately, died in 2015 at the very young age of 13.

It can be said that apart from her, there are many people from her family who work on Social media with a lot of fame. The rest of her family, except her mom, are also employed on social media.

Social media appearance 

Jules has her accounts on all social media platforms. Fortunately, all of her accounts have numerous followers generating a huge amount of money via sponsored posts, ads, and more.

Not just that, she also works as an actor in many TV and web series. Thus, a very high amount of money is earned from these sources too. Also, she has performed in many series on Nickelodeon which again helped her to earn a lot of money.

Jules Leblanc


Presently, Jules has her own YouTube channel by her name with over 4.6 million subscribers. In parallel, she also works on a YouTube channel for family blogs which has over 7 million followers.

Later, she started to work on Instagram and TikTok by creating accounts. On TikTok, she posted lip-sync, pranks, and other comedy content. Similarly, her Instagram account is the platform where you can see her pictures and she also posts information about services and brands.

Presently, her Instagram account is active with over 9 million followers whereas, her TikTok account has over 18 million followers.

Net worth 

At such a young age, Jules has earned a lot of money and there’s no surprise in it. Generally, you can find her accounts on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. As estimated in 2024, the net worth of Jules LeBlanc is calculated to be $4 million.


1. How did Jules LeBlanc become popular?

Jules LeBlanc is a famous YouTuber. It’s the main reason that she is so famous today. She also operates her family’s YouTube channel called Bratayley. Initially, she used to post videos about gymnastics, but now she has started to post other types of videos to gain more followers.

2. What is Jules LeBlanc’s income source?

Jules LeBlanc’s main source of income includes her YouTube channel. She generates a sizeable amount from YouTube ad revenue. Her other sources of income are ads, sponsored posts, and endorsements. She has also acted in many web series and TV shows. This helped her earn a lot of money.

3. Is Jules LeBlanc’s YouTube channel still active?

Yes, Jules LeBlanc is still running her YouTube channel. She has over 4.6 million subscribers on her channel. On the other hand, her family channel is followed by over 7 million people. She is also active on other social media platforms like TikTok, and Instagram.

4. What is Jules LeBlanc’s net worth?

Jules LeBlanc’s current net worth is around $4 million. She started earning at a young age. If she continues to progress at this rate, her income is going to get double in the future.

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