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M14 Industries Net Worth 2024: What Happened Inside and After the Pitch




M14 Industries Net Worth

In February 2017, Dragon’s Den UK, a well-known TV program, highlighted M14 Industries on episode 15 of season 14. The concept behind the company’s success and their proposal attracted intrigued the Dragons so much that each of them made him several bids.

From their inception in Dragons’ Den until their current spot as an effective company, they have demonstrated that anything is achievable with the right mind-set and commitment.

However, the pitch eventually fell through. What happened? Let us find out.

Quick Facts

Founders name: John Kershaw
Business details: Dating app
Founded in: 2014
Location : UK
Asking of Company: £80,000 For 15% Equity
Accepted Deals: £80,000 For 20% Equity
Dragon on board (Investors): Peter Jones, Nick Jenkins
Dragons’ Den Episode: Season 14 Episode 15
Net Worth $25,46,798.00
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 09, 2024
Social Media Instagram

About the Founder

M14 Industries and Bristlr were started by John Kershaw, who served on the executive committee of the Online Dating Association and social app development environment. He participated in the Dragon’s Den.

Kershaw deflected a barrage of difficult inquiries about the business’s earnings and the anticipated magnitude of the industry for specialized matchmaking and networking applications.

Founder The M14 Industries 

A foundation that is essentially made for building apps is M14 Industries. It is for individuals who are interested in launching their applications, the firm offers, the infrastructure, programming, and knowledge of technology. 

The firm provides a fixed-price plan which includes the customer’s own domain title, meetings, marketing and logo development, Security accreditation, membership tiers, a year of web hosting, etc. 

Numerous matchmaking and socializing app collaborators of M14 Industries include Buump Active, which links expectant mothers and young mothers, and Lawyr, which does the same for people who work in law enforcement.

M14 Industries

Dragon’s Den Appearance 

When John Kershaw entered the Den, he exuded assurance. He requested $1,01,871.92 in exchange for 15% of M14 Industries. The distinctiveness of OkCupid’s character assessment and Tinder’s independence of decision were combined by M14. It produced a specialized application for dating as a response to the generalized manner used by dating platforms.

Their Initial smartphone application, Bristlr, was designed as evidence of concept for matching stubble enthusiasts with beard owners. Deborah Meaden praised this aspect of the proposal and inquired Kershaw about earnings. Peter Jones appreciated that M14 and Global Radio were working together. Touker Suleyman, on the other hand, was unsure about the expected expansion until Kershaw persuaded him of its financial viability.

Suleyman proposed to trade 12.5% shares and joined forces with another Dragon for fifty percent of the total capital. Nick Jenkins approved of and liked the idea behind M14. He offered Kershaw the full sum in exchange for a 20% ownership interest.

After Dragon’s Den 

Ultimately the transaction failed. When one of M14’s consumers contacted the company, asking if they might participate in the deal after learning that the new venture was getting ready to accept additional funding. The anonymous client offered annuities at a pre-value of $19,10,098.60, which is a big increase above the Dragons’ Den valuation of $5,09,359.60. 

But accepting 20% in the Den and then shutting at 6% just a few weeks later would be problematic for the program in the long run and would discourage people from entering into similar agreements in subsequent years.

Following its triumph on the show, the organization continued to accumulate a projected wealth that exceeds $25,46,798.00.

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