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Mak Tok Net Worth 2023: Tackled the Dragons With Seasonings!




Mak Tok Net Worth

Where there’s Will, there is a way! Do your taste buds desire something that makes every part of your body tingle intensely? Hold on because shortly after experiencing Mak Tok, your senses will be filled with wonderful bliss. You won’t ask again for a while, that’s a guarantee!

This article thoroughly describes the history of the Malaysian chili sauce and paste producer, which was highlighted on Dragon’s Den in the year 2019. Will the owner be able to win the hearts of the Dragons with his tangy and chili sauces?

About the Founder

Will Chew is a Malaysian native who hails from Penang. He presently resides in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Chew holds both a master’s in Music Psychology and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

He began making his meals using his mother’s recipe, which was originally handed down through generations before him. With the aid offered by his cousin, he was able to overcome his dream and become a successful entrepreneur.

Founding the Mak Tok

Will Chew is Mak Tok’s soul. A brand of Malaysian condiments and mixes called Mak Tok has been founded on real, traditional methods for chili paste.

The goods’ strong flavors possess their origins in old-fashioned homemade recipes and all incorporate organic components for improved flavor as well as nutritional benefits.

The Mak Tok webpage is vibrant, truthful, and loaded with excellent Malaysian dishes along with cooking tips.

Dragon’s Den Appearance 

In his pitch during Dragons’ Den, Will Chew asked for $63,418.75 capital for a 20% ownership position in Mak Tok.

Chew sold 8,000 pieces so far and declared that the goods would shortly be sold globally. The Dragons were carried away by his enthusiastic pitch, charming story, and delicious sampling.

Tej Lalvani listened as Chew described the organizational framework of the business. He maintains 100% of the company but is supported by his cousin, whom Chew views as an equal shareholder. But suddenly the atmosphere changed as the Dragons became alarmed by Chew’s lack of control over the funds.

Deborah Meaden exited the room as the buyers refused to choose it since it lacked the same jovial spirit.

Lalvani withdrew because he was worried about the marketing policy.

Chew’s company is still in its infancy, according to Peter Jones, thus investing in it might be dangerous. He left with a sign of respect.

Only Sara Davies remained of the Dragons and she believed that there was only one Will who could pull up the business. She had a strong desire to turn the company into a profit for Chew. After this comment from Davies, tears rolled down from Chew’s and Davies’ eyes. After the pitch, Suleyman gently wiped his eye! An emotional pitch, indeed!

Then Davies made a concession. For the same amount, she pitched a 33% ownership stake. Chew acknowledged Davie’s offer intensely.  

After Dragon’s Den 

After Wak Tok’s debut on Dragon’s Den, the organization steadily stepped towards success, owing to Sara Davies’ contribution.

There are Mak Tok dealers throughout the United Kingdom. The items are also available for purchase online and come in imaginative packages with free UK delivery. This facility makes it easier for potential buyers to try out various flavors before deciding which ones they prefer.

The business has continued to maintain its current projected financial status of $63,418.75.

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