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Manasseh Jordan Net Worth 2024 – A Journey of Faith and Financial Success




Manasseh Jordan Net Worth

Manasseh Jordan, a prominent figure in the realm of spirituality and prosperity gospel, has not only made a name for himself in the religious arena but has also amassed considerable wealth.

When you are in your teens, thinking about god, spirituality, preachings, etc. isn’t the first thing in mind. However, for Manasseh, he was set in his ways and he knew where his work was supposed to focus on.

What’s amazing about Manasseh Jordan is the fact that he has earned financial stability in his career by doing what he loves the most while inspiring people about his faith. More on his net worth will be discussed in this guide.

Early Life

Manasseh Jordan was born on July 23, 1988, into a family deeply connected to the Christian faith. His father, Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan, was a respected leader and founder of Zoe Ministries.

While there’s not a lot of public information about his early life, Manasseh has expressed that his faith and his love for preachings come from witnessing his father do the same. From a young age, it was evident that he possessed a unique gift for prophecy and preaching.

We do know that Manasseh was taught about his Christian faith by his father. However, there seem to be no public details regarding the kind of work that he has done when it comes to his academic qualifications. Some rumors do depict that he completed his high school education at a local public school where he lived.


Manasseh Jordan’s career in ministry took off at a remarkably young age. As the son of a prominent spiritual leader, he was exposed to the intricacies of religious leadership from an early stage. His unique ability to prophesy and deliver powerful sermons quickly garnered attention, and he began to attract a dedicated following. 

In 2005, at the age of 17, Jordan officially began his ministry, following in the footsteps of his father. His dynamic and energetic preaching style resonated with audiences, and he soon gained recognition not only for his spiritual insights but also for his ability to connect with people on a personal level. 

Over the years, Jordan’s ministry expanded, reaching a global audience through television broadcasts, online platforms, and live events. He became known for his emphasis on the prosperity gospel, teaching that spiritual devotion could lead to financial success. 

This message, although controversial in some circles, resonated with many followers who believed in the connection between faith and prosperity.

Besides working closely with people and preaching about his faith, Manasseh also attends events and workshops discussing his believes and guiding people toward the path of faith, God, and spirituality. He is also quite established across multiple of his social media platforms, which is attributed to the financial transactions that add to his net worth.

Personal Life

Jordan’s personal life has been shaped by his commitment to his faith and ministry. There seems to be very little information about his private life, besides the fact that he is married to his longtime partner, LaTosha Hall.

The two of them married with their close friends and family around them and with a lot of love and cheer. Despite the kind of bond they share, they prefer keeping things out of the media eye.

Net Worth

Despite his young age and the kickstart to his career, Manasseh has always focused on prioritizing his preachings to uplift the lives of people instead of primarily using them to earn financial stability. However, their career in the faith and ministry has helped him acquire an impressive net worth of $3 million, which is growing extensively.

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