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Manjit Minhas Net Worth: Unraveling the Magnificent Wealth of the Entrepreneur




Manjit Minhas Net Worth

Manjit Minhas, a Canadian entrepreneur, is a shining example of dedication, ambition, and innovation in the business world. Known for her role as a Dragon on the hit show “Dragons’ Den,” she has captivated audiences with her insightful investment decisions and dynamic personality.

Being an expert in the field of marketing and branding, Manjit is a leading name in the business niche. She is also the founder of one of the largest breweries in the United States. With the level of success she has achieved, being curious about her net worth is justified.

This article will take a look into Manjit Minhas’ early life, personal life, and career growth to achieve the $200 million net worth.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Manjit Minhas
Birth Date May 31, 1980
Age 23
Profession Entrepreneur
Country of Origin India
Nationality Canadian
Marital Status Married
Harvey Shergill
Net Worth (as of 2024) $200 million
Last Updated: Mar 02, 2024
Social Media Instagram

Early Life

Manjit Minhas was born on May 31, 1980, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. That was where she was raised as well. She was born in a modest family where her father worked as an engineer while her mother worked as a teacher.

While Manjit excelled in her studies quite well and was hard-working, she knew that she was meant for something big and that’s what further sparked the entrepreneurial mindset within her.

Surprisingly, the shared passion for beer in the family was the beacon of inspiration that would later push Manjit to own the 13th largest brewery in the U.S. While there isn’t any information regarding the high school she attended, it is reported that Manjit enrolled at the University of Calgary and the University of Regina for their dedicated engineering programs but left the degrees a few years later.

She ventured into marketing and entrepreneurship from there and kept her focus on the same during that period. 

Personal Life

Besides having a striving career, Manjit Minhas is also quite dedicated to her family. She has been married to Harvey Shergill and the couple are parents to two daughters. The family resides in Calgary, Alberta. Minhas values family time and strives to be present for her loved ones.

Manjit Minhas


Minhas’s entrepreneurial journey began when she was just 19 years old. In 1999, alongside her brother Ravinder Minhas, she co-founded Minhas Breweries & Distillery, making her the youngest brewery owner in the world at that time. Initially, the siblings faced numerous challenges, including fierce competition from well-established industry giants.

The turning point for Minhas Breweries came when they secured a significant contract with a major Canadian retailer. This breakthrough provided them with the opportunity to scale their operations and expand their product offerings.

Minhas continued to diversify her business interests, delving into the spirits industry and launching new product lines. She also became a household name and a source of inspiration for many after appearing on Dragon’s Den. 

Net Worth

With the early start of her entrepreneurial journey, Manjit Minhas has acquired an estimated net worth of around $200 million. Her wealth comes not only from her thriving brewery and distillery businesses but also from the wide range of investments she has made in popular businesses that aired on Dragon’s Den.

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