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Mark Wiens Net Worth 2023: The Journey of a Food Vlogger Turned Millionaire




Mark Wiens Net Worth

One of the most well-known influencers in the entire globe is American chef and YouTuber Mark Wiens. He provides expert restaurant reviews and travel advice on his Migrationology YouTube account. Currently, he has 4 million+ followers and his videos have more than 700 million views.

The chef have at some of the best restaurants in world such as places run by street vendors and establishments with Michelin stars. He has received praise for his extensive understanding of various foods, and he frequently works with other YouTubers to explore different cultures through their food.

Due to his immense popularity, many people are curious as to how much money Mark Wiens is worth. While his exact net worth is unknown, it is estimated that he earns at least $500 thousand a year—an impressive figure that highlights the power of influencer marketing.

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An Analysis Of Mark Wiens’s Net Worth

Many people have grown to recognize Mark Wiens as one of the most popular food vloggers in the world. But what is his market value? His precise net worth is unknown, but experts believe it to be in the neighbourhood of $2 million.

Through his YouTube channel, where he posts videos about food that he cooks or finds around the globe, Mark has accumulated a significant portion of his wealth. He is one of the highest-paid YouTubers thanks to his over 3 million followers and more than 500 million video views. Additionally, Mark has partnered with brands like Woot and Airbnb, which helps him bring in passive income from commissions and royalties.

Furthermore, Mark has published a book about food culture in Thailand that provides insights into different recipes and dishes around the country. The book leads readers through an exploration of Thailand’s cuisine and highlights some of Mark’s favourite dishes. He also sells merchandise on his website, such as cooking classes, which helps to further increase his net worth as well.

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How Mark Wiens Makes Money?

Famous food and travel blogger Mark Wiens earns money through his YouTube channel and other endeavours. Let’s look at Mark Wiens’s revenue stream.

  • Advertisement Income

On his YouTube channel, Mark Wiens has millions of followers. This has made it possible for him to generate a sizable quantity of income from advertising. Currently, he receives an average of 8 million views per month, translating to a monthly salary of $80,000 to $128,000.

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  • Marketing Affiliates and Sponsorships

In addition, Mark earns money from partnerships and affiliate marketing agreements. He is believed to have previously worked with numerous companies, including Canon, The North Face, and Airbnb. He also has affiliate marketing agreements with websites like and Amazon, through which he can sell or promote goods on these websites and receive commission.

  • Products Sales

Along with the aforementioned forms of income, Mark also earns money from his brand by selling goods on his website His admirers can purchase t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, caps, and other items from his merchandise line anywhere in the world.

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1. Does Mark Wiens own a restaurant?

Mark Wiens, who rose to fame with his YouTube videos and diverse food-related content, is a Chinese-American social media personality. He currently resides in Bangkok with his wife and son, Micah. The couple own and run their famous restaurant, Phed Mark, which specializes in pad ka prao.

2. Is Mark Wiens still married?

Yes, Mark Wiens is still married to his wife Ying and the two of them currently live in Bangkok, Thailand. Besides owning a restaurant together, the couple also engages in food vlogging. They also occasionally take up freelance projects where they write about Thai food and other food-related projects.

3. How did Mark Wiens get started?

Contrary to popular belief, Mark’s rise to fame isn’t just due to YouTube. When the concept of travel vlogging was at its peak, that’s when Mark started his website in 2009. That’s when he bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok and hasn’t looked back since then. He even worked as an English teacher in Thailand to earn money.

4. Who owns Migrationology?

Mike Wiens was the owner of Migrationology where he used to blog since 2009. While Mark started his internet career with a blog, he now earns most of his income through food vlogging and videos that he posts and promotes on his YouTube. 

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