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Mitch Blaschke Net Worth 2023: How Wealthy Is The Gold Rush Mechanic?




Mitch Blaschke Net Worth

If you are a viewer of Discovery’s Gold Rush, you probably know who Mitch Blaschke is. He appeared on the show as a foreman and mechanic and became popular ever since. He is part of Parker Schnabel and Todd Hoffman’s crew.

Blaschke is a self-trained mechanic who started working at the age of 14. He became a full-time mechanic right after his high school graduation.

Ever since people saw Mitch Blaschke on Gold Rush, they have been eager to know his net worth. So here we are with all the information you need.

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Blaschke was born on 4th December 1989, in Eagle Creek, Oregon. He developed his passion for repairing things from a very early age. He started working at the age of 14 and dreamt of becoming a full-time mechanic after growing up.

He attended a local school called Sam Barlow High School. When he was still in school, he secured a job at a repair shop. He worked there after his school hours. He wanted to earn money for kart racing. He was also into quad bikes, motorbikes, boats, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles.

After completing his high school education, he started working as a full-time mechanic. At that time he didn’t know that he would become famous and have his own business. His equipment business is the reason that he landed on Gold Rush.

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Blaschke met Todd Hoffman at a towing company. He was featured on Gold Rush when Hoffman’s crew bought an excavator from his equipment store.

Blaschke took the responsibility of transporting the equipment to the Quartz Creek Claim. At that time, the mining crew was looking for an experienced mechanic to be a part of their crew. This is where Blaschke’s luck favored him.

Due to his long years of experience, he was added to the crew. He soon became an important member of the Hoffman crew.

Blaschke is not only a skilled mechanic, but he also possesses great problem-solving skills. This helped him become a key figure in Gold Rush. He also received an invitation from Parker Schnabel’s group.

Today, Blaschke has become a reality TV star and is still featured on Gold Rush. He is working for the Schnabel Crew.

Outside repairing and mining, he joined a video-sharing platform called Cameo.

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Net Worth and Earnings

As per sources, Blaschke earns $100,000 per episode on Gold Rush. Previously, he used to get paid $25,000 per episode. His job is to repair equipment and maintain the wash plant.

On Cameo, Blaschke gets paid around $20 for every personalized message. Additionally, he earns money from his equipment business. His current net worth is around $400,000.

Personal Life

Blaschke has been married since 2016. His wife’s name is Hailey. The couple welcomed their first child after three years of their marriage. They have a beautiful girl child named Mia.

Blaschke’s entire family has appeared on Gold Rush. At present, the family is settled in Sandy, Oregon, and living a happy life.

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1. What does Mitch Blaschke do for a living?

Mitch is a self-taught mechanic, which kickstarted his career at the mere age of 14. Given his passion for the work, Mitch started working at a local collision repair shop to help pay for his kart racing adventures. He gained immense popularity after appearing in season 3 working on Todd Hoffman’s crew. He later switched to Parker Schnabel’s team during season 5.

2. How much does Mitch Blaschke earn per episode?

If you haven’t watched Gold Rush, you likely aren’t aware of how big the show is. Although there is no way of confirming the reports rumors suggests that Mitch earned around $100,000 per episode on Gold Rush. This didn’t happen overnight though. He was initially earning $25,000 per episode.

3. Does Mitch Blaschke have a cameo?

Mitch does have an account on Cameo. With the kind of popularity that he has gained on Gold Rush, it isn’t surprising that he has a pretty dedicated fanbase, which supports him through and through. He earns around $20 per personalized message he does.

4. Where does Mitch invest?

Mitch currently has an estimated net worth of $400,000. Although he has indeed created a steady financial status for himself, there are no reports about his investments.

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