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Mo Bro’s Net Worth – How is the Company Sustaining after Dragon’s Den?




Mo Bro’s Net Worth

The beard and men grooming industry, in general, is quite enticing and a billion-dollar industry. Mo Bro is a company that wanted to tap into that flourishing and ever-growing industry. 

Curated and launched by the Dattani brothers, Mo Bro was a company that was launched after some personal experiences after the founders got done with the “Movember” challenge and weren’t satisfied with the way their beards looked.

This article will deep dive into breaking down everything related to Mo Bros, their business proposal on Dragon’s Den, and where the company is currently at.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Keval Dattani, Kunal Dattani, Savan Dattani
Business details: A men’s grooming retailer specialising in products for beards and moustaches.
Founded in: 2014
Location : UK
Asking of Company: £150 000 for 5% equity
Accepted Deals: £150 000 for 20% equity
Dragons on board (Investors): Tej Lalvani, Peter Jones
Dragon’s Den Episode: Season 15 Episode 09
Net Worth: £181,69k
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2024
Social Media: Facebook

About the Founders

When you look up “Mo Bros founders,” you will come to know that the company is launched in partnership with three brothers.

The Dattani brothers – Kunal, Keval, and Savan, were the ones that wanted to produce a product sorting out their pain points concerning the quality of their beard.

We couldn’t find much information about their background, besides the fact that they are innate businessmen themselves and Mo Bros isn’t their only rodeo. All of them have their businesses and this is a joint venture.

Founding Mo Bros

If you have no idea what Mo Bros is and what it does, let us give you a bit of background first. Mo Bros is a men’s grooming company where they sell beard grooming supplies – individually and in a kit for. 

The range of products available with them is diverse, ranging from beard oils to waxes and even accessories, if that’s something you vibe well with. 

The products are formulated to address three concerns that men combat when it comes to their beard – wild and unruly beard, itchy and patchy beard. Also, they contain organic and natural ingredients like vanilla, mango, sandalwood, cedarwood, etc.

Mo Bro

On Dragon’s Den

Despite the kind of popularity that Mo Bros got with their business, they decided to give Dragon’s Den a try. However, they entered and backed out of the show multiple times until Tej Lalvani’s entrance on the show.

On Dragon’s Den, the founders of Mo Bros asked for £150 000 for a 5% stake. They received counter offers from Tej Lalvani and Peter Jones, but Touker Sulieman didn’t want to get into the business.

The founders counteracted the offers made by Lalvani and Jones with £75 000 for a 10% stake for each of the Dragons to which they agreed and confirmed the deal.

After Dragon’s Den

It looks like Lalvani and Jones made good investment moves investing in Mo Bros because their business is currently booming. They are in a pretty amazing place with their business, which is quite amazing.

Also, their products are available on their website and other retail distributors, including MenKind, Thomas Cook, Harding Retail, etc. 

If you want to keep up with the founders and want to get to know the most out of their products, they have a dedicated YouTube channel where they post videos highlighting how the customers can use their products and reap the benefits from them. 

Tessa is a Senior Writer at Patty360. She has previously worked as a freelance journalist for various news sites in the UK.

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