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Mobcraft Net Worth 2024 – How Well is the Microbrewery Business Working?




Mobcraft Net Worth

As human beings, we are a sucker for unique ideas and if you get to be part of that idea, then there’s no going back. Mobcraft was developed on the same principle. 

The microbrewery company, which appeared on Shark Tank, had one of the most innovative ideas when it comes to a business. The main principle was to let people submit their recipes for beers each month. The one with the maximum vote and pre-orders is then made the “flavor” of the month and sold to the public.

If you have been wondering how well Mobcraft has been doing after Shark Tank, hang around since we have all the details in this article.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Henry Schwartz
Business details: Crowdfunded microbrewery
Founded in: 2013
Location : Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Asking of Company: $400,000 for 16% equity
Accepted Deals: No deal
Sharks on board (Investors): None
Shark Tank Episode: Season 07 Episode 21
Net Worth $2.5 million
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2024
Social Media Instagram

About the Founders

The unique idea and execution behind Mobcraft are done by Henry Schwartz and Andrew Gierczak. They are the two founders of the business and primarily started with Henry’s love for brewing beer as a hobby on the side.

Before launching Mobcraft, Henry was the owner of a skateboard store in Wisconsin, which set on his entrepreneurial journey. However, during that time, he kept brewing beer when he was free.

Andrew joined the company as the consulting head. The two of them, alongside the rest of their team, were consistently brainstorming ideas since 2012 about a business model that was unique but also appealing. 

Founding Mobcraft

As we said, Andrew and Henry were brainstorming ideas for a potential business they could launch that would please the mass of people.

They started doing so in 2012 and somehow Andrew came up with the idea of creating “fun beers” if they got the recipes from the public. In short, the idea for a public-operated microbrewery came into being and somehow managed to work out quite well.

Since the idea was to bring people together to create unique beer recipes, it started as a crowdfunding business and somehow scaled to the top.


At Shark Tank

Henry was the one that represented the company on Shark Tank and pitched for $400,000 for 16% equity. Although the business model is unique, none of the Sharks resonated with it, which is why none of them offered Henry a deal.

The particular segment showcasing Mobcraft on Shark Tank involved a lot of banter and after the show, Henry even went out to say that he found some of the remarks made by the sharks rude and unprofessional.

At least to say, Henry could bag any deal for Mobcraft from any of the Sharks, which led to a lot of disappointment.

After Shark Tank

Mobcraft still runs on the crowdfunding model, where they accept pre-orders every month and the most popular recipe is the one that’s brewed and sold to the public.

Furthermore, Henry and Andrew alongside their partners in the firm have also opened a taproom in Milwaukee, where they get consistent support from beer enthusiasts. They are hands down one of the most popular craft beer companies in the United States. 

We don’t have exact numbers but estimates suggest that the company makes around $2.5 million in annual revenue.

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