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Nearly Newlywed Net Worth 2023: Why Weren’t The Sharks Intrigued? 




Nearly Newlywed Net Worth

The cost of getting married is already high, and purchasing a wedding gown typically consumes a sizable portion of your income. Courtney understands this! She always desired to find a solution to the problem of the soon-to-be bride.

She needed assistance from the commercial sector, which guided him to appear on the Shark Tank in December 2012. She debuted her company on the show and surprised the Sharks at first. To know what exactly happened on the show, follow this article to know about it.

About the Founder

A novel approach to getting hitched that can help you preserve financially is to rent or sell wedding dresses. Jackie Courtney, the creator and owner of Nearly Newlywed, came up with this concept.

She originated as a small-town girl who relocated to New York City to partake in glamorous living. She served as a fashion journalist while living in New York.

Founding the Nearly Newlyweds 

Former brides may advertise their gently worn bridal gowns on the website Nearly Newlywed. This makes it possible for future bride to locate their ideal gown for a small portion of the original price.

The Nearly Newlywed webpage accepts images and descriptions of gowns from women who wish to sell them. The dress is put up for sale after their submission is approved. When a bride buys her dress, she has the option of keeping it for herself or subsequently reselling it.

Shark Tank Appearance 

In consideration for a $35k capital and a 10% ownership in Nearly Newlywed, Courtney entered the Shark Tank.

Herjavec appears to be the only Shark who finds it difficult to understand why a newlywed would want to purchase an old dress. This was the reason for his departure. Daymond John and Herjavec have comparable points of view.

Mark Cuban was interested in how she intends to establish her company and steer it in the right direction. Courtney was currently hustling to promote Nearly Newlywed by obtaining numerous media evaluations. Cuban claims that maintaining that kind of interest is difficult, but the females who are purchasing and offering gowns are all remarking on it as well.

Nearly Newlywed is an infant startup that opened three months ago; Barbara Corcoran was unable to admit this. However, she lacked confidence in committing at this point.  

O’Leary claimed to admire Courtney’s enthusiasm for the company. However, he demanded a far greater proportion in the company. He offered a 40% ownership stake.

Cuban has some counsel for her that he can give before his departure. He asserts that Nearly Newlywed is excessively focused on the media, which could lead to the company’s demise.

Courtney makes a few tries to reason with O’Leary, but he won’t budge. After giving it some thought, she chooses not to take up his proposal.

After Shark Tank 

Courtney’s Shark Tank participation undoubtedly contributed to newspaper coverage. It seems her dream came true without financial support.

The renowned Kleinfeld’s Bridal allied Nearly Newlywed.

As of the 2023 update, with numerous commercial support and collaborations, Nearly Newlywed is thought to have a net worth of $5 million. Additionally, the founder, Courtney has annual assets of $6 million.

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