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New Android Auto is Currently in Beta Testing




New Android Auto is Currently in Beta Testing

In a recent I/O event, Google announced that they are currently working on improving the UI and usability of Android Auto. 

According to the initial reports, Android Auto is set to come with a variety of new updates, including a new user interface, termed Coolwalk along with a variety of other feature upgrades.

These new features are expected to bring forth a variety of new contextual suggestions based on Google Assistant. The new version of Android Auto is currently under beta testing and there are chances that Google will release the stable version of the app pretty soon.

What is Changing in the new Android Auto?

Although there is no extensive information regarding all the updates, there are a few worth mentioning.

Android Auto will now allow drivers to easily access music, navigation apps, and media directly on the car screens. 

During the Google I/O event, the brand also confirmed that they are all set to transform the UI quite exponentially, especially when it comes to streamlining navigation and communication using the particular app.

Google is focused on introducing features that will support a safer and better driving experience while keeping entertainment and navigation in check.

There are some recent images shared about the update, which indicates that Android Auto is set to come out looking a lot similar to Apple’s CarPlay feature. One of the notable updates in Android Auto is the split-screen display.

The majority of the share in the split-screen system is occupied by Google Maps. Out of the remaining, around one-fourth is occupied by the music app card and the remainder of the space will be occupied by the various communication apps.

In case the users don’t plan to open any communication apps, the split-screen will be adjusted according to their needs. So, the remaining space will be balanced by Maps and the music app. 

Overall, the whole UI looks quite stunning and dynamic, something that is going to introduce quite a new feat in the Android Auto functions.

As for the taskbar in Android Auto, it is set to feature a variety of options, including Maps, Music app, Settings, Communication app, etc. to say the least.

How to Test the new Android Auto Beta?

The beta program is being released under Google’s Play Store beta program. So, if you do wish to get your hands on the beta version, you’d need to enroll in the beta program.

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