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Ohmme Yoga Net Worth 2023: Breaking Stereotypes Via Clothing




Ohmme Yoga Net Worth

We all know that being healthy and fit, results in a happier and harmonious life. It is necessary for every community of the society. Practicing yoga regularly helps to secure a certain sense of solitude within every soul. Similarly, a comfortable outfit is also needed to feel flexible and transparent while performing. We often ignore the outfit and focus more on ourselves.

Louis d’Orginy paid attention to the needs and created Ohmme Yoga, men’s Yoga wear, to inspire them through their devotion to yoga and dispel prejudices. Go through the article to know more about the owner and the story behind the creation.

About the Founder 

The director, sole proprietor, and designer of Ohmme Yoga are Louis d’Orginy. He is half English and half French and was born and reared in Paris. He used to sell candy from his own locker at the age of 11. After turning 15, he moved to England, where he majored in Maths at the University of Edinburgh which prepared him for a job in finance.

D’Orginy had previously profited handsomely from a $2 million investment in Facebook. He forecast the efficacy of Facebook using his knowledge of arithmetic and programming. His creativity and these intelligence together help him become the successful leader that he’s become today. He also had a revolutionary approach towards things, which encouraged him to create activewear for men.

Founding Ohmme Yoga 

The popularity of yoga has grown recently. However, the majority of the companies that offer premium sportswear for yoga enthusiasts, target women. With his sportswear line Ohmme, Louis d’Origny hopes to break it.

As a dedicated yoga practitioner, d’Origny founded the company to serve the needs of men who practice yoga. Sustainability is crucial, and the products used are bamboo, recycled fabrics, and other textiles making it unique. From abandoned fishnets some of the products were also made. These clothes absorb the moisture from the body, which keeps an individual cool. It is sufficiently delicate to allow the wearer to move freely without being hampered by bulky clothing.

There are 100 suppliers globally for the brand, namely The Sports Edit and wholesale costs for the products fluctuate between £10 for upper-body wear to £35 for lower-body garments.

Dragon’s Den Appearance 

In January 2016, episode 12 of Season 16, Dragon’s Den UK featured Ohmme Yoga. He offered the Dragons a contribution of 1 Million Dollar in exchange for a 6% share. His prior investment in Facebook and his aptitude for making correct business predictions intrigued the Dragons.

He further pleased them by protecting his business ideas with a trademark of his own. However, with a mutual agreement of 20% share for 1 Million Dollar, Peter Jones accepted the risk. Is the product still in business?

After Dragon’s Den 

Unfortunately, the investment was not successful. But Ohmme Yoga continues to be in operation and succeeding worldwide. Ohmme Yoga has not been in existence since 2022, so its current net worth is a mystery. As of 2023, Louis d’Origny’s net worth is approximately 1 Million Dollar.

Tessa is a Senior Writer at Patty360. She has previously worked as a freelance journalist for various news sites in the UK.

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