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Patrick Bet – David Net Worth 2023: Journey From An Immigrant To A Businessman




Patrick Bet – David Net Worth

Every human being is born with a purpose in life. Being an Immigrant, Patrick Bet-David understood the meaning of life. He migrated with his father to the U.S. in 1990 and joined the U.S. army and served for six years in the 101st Airborne. Later he started working at Morgan Stanley before launching ‘Saving America’ in 2009. 

However, society turned him over to another facet of existence. This made Bet-David drive his will to enter the world of entrepreneurs and finally, he rose to become one. Through his many initiatives as an entrepreneur, creator, podcast speaker, and financial consultant, David achieved a net worth of $150 million. These endeavors range from acquiring funding for pool maintenance to running a company with a $100 million annual gross income.

This article will lead you to the most inspiring story of a successful businessman – Patrick Bet-David, his personal life, career, and net worth.

Early Life

Iranian-American business consultant Patrick Bet-David was born on October 8, 1978, in Tehran, Iran. The predecessors of Bet-David’s family were both Assyrian and Armenian. In California, Patrick attended Glendale High School. He also attended the college named Santa Monica Community. Later, he pursued a nutrition degree, which he obtained because of his passion for bodybuilding.

Personal Life 

Patrick Bet-David shares a very euphoric marital status with Jennifer Bet-David, who holds the position of Executive Vice President at PHP Agency. The couple got hitched in 2009 and are proud parents to four children – Tico, Dylan, Senna, and Brooklyn. The duo met in June 2002 as co-workers at an Encino insurance company. For five years they worked together before going on their first date on 29th December 2007.


PHP Agency was founded by Bet-David as a marketing company for financial services in 2009 that provides insurance products such as 401k rollovers, health coverage, and pensions. Texas is the home of the PHP agency. In 2017, a group of venture capitalists, including Gabriel Brener, Atalya Capital, and Oscar De La Hoya, granted the business $10 million in expansion funding. 

In 2019, 8,000 people attended a PHP conference that contained speeches from Kobe Bryant and President George W. Bush. Bet-David owns a YouTube channel named Valuetainment Media LLC, which produces and distributes to various new media platforms. Besides, he is also a philanthropist who has contributed to several organizations such as The Front Row Foundation and the Italian Earthquake Relief Fund.

PHP Agency Company founded by Bet-David in 2009, has evolved into a multimillion-dollar business with thousands of agents across the US. Since then, he came to be known as a notable speaker. Among the books he penned are ‘Your Next Five Moves’, ‘Dropping Bombs’, ‘The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages’ and ‘Your Next Five Moves’

Patrick Bet-David has a fascination for cars. In his collection, he owns a BMW i8, Lamborghini Veneno, and a Rolls Royce.

Net Worth

A waterfront house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was purchased by the partners Jennifer and Patrick Bet-David in June 2021 for $20.4 million. Patrick Bet-David faced challenges from a very young age and learned how to overcome those hurdles and move on in life. With liberty and possibility, Bet-David has made himself a tycoon in the realm of finance. His ventures have brought him $150 million prosperity, as an embodiment of the American Dream.

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