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Paul Meaden’s Net Worth 2024 – How Much is Deborah Meaden’s Husband Worth?




Paul Meaden's Net Worth

If you are a huge fan of Dragon’s Den, chances are that you know who Deborah Meaden is. She is one of the most popular and long-running dragons on the show that has gained immense popularity for her empathy and strategic investments.

Her husband, Paul Meaden is quite a famous name on the list as well. The two were long-time partners before they ended up marrying each other long before Deborah gained the kind of fame that she did. This article will take you along to unveil more insights about Paul Meaden’s life and the kind of professional growth he has gained.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Paul Meaden
Birth Date February 01, 1960
Age 64
Profession Entrepreneur
Country of Origin UK
Nationality English
Marital Status Married
Deborah Meaden
Net Worth (as of 2024) £20 Million
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2024
Social Media Instagram

Early Life

When talking about Paul Meaden’s biography, the man was born on February 01, 1960, in the U.K. We don’t have any insights about his family but it’s safe to say that Paul was born into a well-settled family.

We couldn’t find any public information about Paul’s education or his life growing up, which is quite a disappointment. But there are rumors that Paul met Deborah at an early age, which is quite enticing.

Personal Life

As much as Paul prefers keeping his private life away from the media spectacle, his wife’s fame has made their love story quite a public affair.The two met in 1985 during their University days and started dating. They were long-time partners before they decided to finally tie the knot in 1993. Rumors have it that the two even split briefly in the middle of their relationship but rekindled their romance eventually.

In one of her interviews on Loose Women, Deborah (Paul’s wife) expressed her fear of having to lose her career after marriage. However, Paul stood strong beside her and helped her not only grow her business but her repertoire as a leading businesswoman. 

The two of them live in a large and lavish farmhouse surrounded by a lot of animals, including horses, geese, ducks, cats, sheep, pigs, etc.

Paul Meaden


Scouring the internet, we have come to know that Paul is not the most open when it comes to his personal and professional life. But, current rumors suggest that Paul is into wealth management and financial planning consultancy, which aligns with the kind of work that he is believed to be doing. Thanks to his initial growth in his career and his wife’s professional network, Paul handles high-end clients.

Recent reports suggest that Paul joined Brewin Dolphin in 2007 and has been with the company since then. He helps clients sort and plan their financial goals and align their wealth accordingly.

Before Brewin Dolphin, Paul was working with other companies in senior executive positions, which is again, pretty enticing.

Net Worth 

Paul Meaden has an estimated net worth of £20 Million, which is half of Deborah Meaden’s net worth. We don’t have any idea about the personal sources of income that Paul has and the kind of wealth he earns from his career as a senior financial consultant but it is safe to assume that the numbers are quite steep.

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