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Peter McCormack Net Worth 2024: What Makes this Bitcoin Journalist So Rich?



Peter McCormack Net Worth

Peter McCormack is a journalist who’s overly enthusiastic about Bitcoin. He is well-known for hosting What Bitcoin Did, a famous podcast. He is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and chairman of FC.

He has shared how much money he can earn regularly through his podcasts and websites. In the year 2020, he used to earn $50,000 on average. After a year, his earnings went high as they were $200,000. With an emerging profile, we can only expect the numbers to rise in the future.

Quick Facts

Full Name Peter McCormack
Birth Date October 31, 1978
Age 45
Profession Journalist
Country of Origin Ireland
Nationality English
Marital Status Divorced
Girlfriend Unknown
Net Worth (as of 2024) $1 million
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2024
Social Media Instagram


The birthplace of McCormack is Berkshire, a part of South-eastern England but he was raised in Kempston, near Bedfordshire. Her surname was McCormack which makes it pretty clear that he has a connection with Ireland.

He completed his higher studies at the New Buckinghamshire University for studying Music Industry Management but later on, decided to work in a startup.

Before involving himself in Crypto, Peter was working at the Evolving Media Network. He began as a commercial director back in 2005 but then got promoted to the position of managing director just after two years. In the year 2009, he also started to work for Rapier UK as their Digital Head.

Personal Life 

Peter McCormack was married back in 2014, but he separated his ways with his wife in just three months. His partner had an affair with one of his closest friends and that’s why he has been single since his separation.

Lately, he got involved in a court lage in opposition to Craig Wright, the computer scientist. Wright claims that he is Nakamoto, who founded Bitcoin. It can be said that their legal bills of McCormack were high as he didn’t want to go down. That’s all we know about the personal life of this Bitcoin enthusiast.

Peter McCormack

Career in journalism 

Peter turned into a successful journalist back in 2016. He then used to run two websites where he posted only blog articles. Then, he converted both websites to podcasts.

There was a podcast that was released once every two weeks and the name was what bitcoin did. In these podcasts, he talks about interviewing some of the greatest crypto people like Lyn Alden and Willy Woo. There was another podcast that focused on significant issues like human rights, freedom, and corruption.

It is also known that he tried making films. The most famous documentary he created is based on the life of Nayib Bukele and how he decides to make Bitcoin legitimate in the El Salvador region.

With a successful career in journalism, Peter also started a project with another passion. In the year 2021, he bought the FC of Real Bedford and appointed Nakamoto 11 Ltd as the functioning company.

Earnings and Net worth 

Before this, he already had a good profile as a businessman. He was very fast to invest in Bitcoin and believes that this is a long-term digital asset. Currently, his net worth is nearly $1 million.


1. Who is Peter McCormack’s wife?

Peter is quite famous for his personal life of work. But Peter likes to keep his private life away from the spectacles of the media. However, reports suggest that Peter married his wife, Mary Wilson in 1944, who was an ensign in the United States Navy Nurse Corps.

2. Who is Peter McCormack?

If you are someone who is into cryptocurrency, Peter McCormack is a name that you likely know of. He is a famous storyteller, commentator, and host of the famous podcast, What Bitcoin Did. This is one of the most popular and most listened-to Web3 and crypto podcasts.

3. What did Peter McCormack do before his current career?

Peter McCormack was a successful journalist before he turned his interest to crypto and podcasting. He used to run two blogs, which he later transformed into podcasts because that was what was gaining traction on the internet.

4. Does Peter McCormack invest in Bitcoin?

Peter McCormack, given that he is an active podcaster talking about crypto and Web3, isn’t even a question that he is an active investor in Bitcoin. He invests in long-term digital assets because he believes those bring maximum returns.

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