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Proof Eyewear Net Worth 2023: Wooden Glass Stood Upright Without Capital




Proof Eyewear Net Worth

The company, Proof Eyewear, was featured on Shark Tank on episode 17 of season 4. It is an organization that produces fashionable sunglasses with UV lens protection, made of woods – ebony, zebrawood, and mahogany. It comes in different colors. The wooden frames are waterproof and protect from sweating and moisture.

Their debut on the show has skyrocketed the products and their company. However, will they be able to tame the Sharks with their innovative glasses? Let us explore the article to know more.

About the Founder

Three siblings from Idaho who were raised in an active carpentry family own Proof Eyewear.

Although the Dame siblings’ business will just be turned eleven years old in the year 2021, they have a long history in the timber industry.

Their grandpa, who owned a sawmill in Idaho, was responsible for the business’s partial influence.

Founding the Proof Eyewear

Designing eyeglasses that are both aesthetically pleasing and ecologically sound is the main focus of Proof Eyewear.

Presently a large selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses are produced by Proof Eyewear. The business initially produced eyeglasses using environmentally friendly and repurposed timber.

Currently, they produce eyeglasses using sustainable resources including acetate, aluminum, natural polymers, and many others.

Proof Eyewear offered a variety of additional goods in the year 2021, notably eateries, plywood wallets, and beverage koozies.

Shark Tank Appearance 

The Dame brothers appeared on the TV show, Shark Tank, hoping to obtain a $150,000 capital investment for a 10% share of their business.

After making each shark have a pair of personalized specs, Lori, Daymond, and Mark declined. Daymond desires someone enthusiastic about collaborating with Walmart. However, the brothers were not interested in marketing their eyewear at well-known stores. 

Mark appreciated the glasses but was not willing to invest. Despite being a major lover of their eyewear, Lori Greiner maintains a commercial relationship with the company of Shades, thus, she left.

Kevin famously pitched Taylor and Tanner $150,000 in exchange for 25% interest along with a royalty of $2.50 contract, but the brothers finally turned him down and departed without an agreement.

Robert Herjavec offers $125,000 capital for a 25% share in the company. Robert refuses Brooks’ counteroffer which raises the amount of the money that he had planned to offer, which is $200,000, and instead adheres to his original proposal.

The proposals offered by both the Sharks were eventually unfavorable for the siblings, and the two were denied.

After Shark Tank 

Although the sharks failed to make investments in Proof Eyewear, Brooks, Tanner, and Taylor persisted and experienced an increase in revenues. The business continues to prosper in the year 2021. However, as of right now, their goods are offered at retail establishments across 20 different nations, and they reportedly bring in $2.5 million a year in sales.

Regarding their aluminum conformity, Proof Eyewear launched a Kickstarter initiative, which was completely funded within just 5 days.

During the company’s Shark Tank appearance, its valuation was $1.5 million. As of a recent update, Proof Eyewear has projected assets of $7.5 million in annual sales.

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