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Punisher Season 3: To be Released or Not to be Released?




Punisher Season 3

If you are a fan of the Marvel Studios then you have for sure watched this amazing series that stemmed from the dynamic realm of the Marvel Universe. The iconic character of the Punisher became a fan favorite as soon as it premiered the first episode. Everything was going fine until rumors started to form stating that a 3rd season of the series would probably not be happening.

The fans of the show have been waiting expectantly for some news that would deliver some positive energy across the fan base. Now, even though no official news has been confirmed as of yet, still there is a scrap of hope that the fans can hold onto. 

Without further ado let’s get into the matter directly. In the lines that follow we have discussed all about a possible release date of the Punisher season 3, a potential plot for the 3rd season, and any official announcements that are available regarding the series at the moment.

What is the release date of The Punisher season 3?

The magnificent combination of Steve Lightfoot’s artistic narration skills and the iconic creativity of the Marvel Studios sprouted the Punisher series. Everything was going as planned and the series was on its way to conquer more and more hearts. In the meantime, there was an announcement by Variety that stated that the series was being officially called off.

In recent times, in the year 2020, the series again hit the news frontlines when it was announced that the original rights of the series were being transferred to the Marvel Studios again. Now, even though it is known for sure that no new episodes will be premiered anytime soon on Netflix, the fans can see a feeble light of hope. There is speculation going on and around that this reversion of rights could mean that a 3rd season is probably on its way.

It is also speculated that official news regarding the renewal of the 3rd season of the series The Punisher will reach the fans around mid or late 2024. Even though fans are eagerly anticipating an announcement regarding the 3rd season of the series, new official news can be delivered to them at the moment. They need to wait a little longer for an official announcement to be made by the creators of the show.

What would be the plot of The Punisher season 3?

With nothing else to do, except to wait, the fans of the Punisher are coming up with all sorts of possibilities regarding the plot of a potential season 3 of the series. Here is how it might go.

Given that the second season had ended showing the vulnerable state of Frank Castle, Season 3, if and when it happens will take up from there. The ending of season 2 would make the perfect setting for a character arc to occur and develop through a narrative driven by the trope of resilience and redemption.

Frank’s journey toward and in search of redemption could be one of the dominant story arcs of a potential 3rd season. The sinister transformation of Billy Russo into Jigsaw would also be another potential plot point that the season could explore. At the same time, John Pilgrim’s motives and role in the story could also gain further clarification.

What is the predicated cast of The Punisher Season 3?

The cast will probably remain the same as the previous seasons with some surprise inclusions and appearances here and there. Since we do not have any trailer for the 3rd season yet, it is not possible to say anything about the cast for sure. However, here is a potential cast list that might be followed for the 3rd season of The Punisher.

  • Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle
  • Ben Barnes as Billy Russo / Jigsaw
  • Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani
  • Jason R. Moore as Curtis Hoyle
  • Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim
  • Floriana Lima as Krista Dumont
  • Giorgia Whigham as Amy Bendix


If and when the 3rd season arrives, the fans can expect it to be the same grey mixture of morally ambiguous characters as they all journey toward their fates. The 3rd season could be expected to remain the intricate tapestry of vengeance and justice that the last seasons were.

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