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Puresweet’s Net Worth 2024: Sugary Products Without Synthetic Elements




Puresweet's Net Worth

Nowadays, everybody is health conscious. Be it a child or an adult, doctors also warn them from intaking starch-based food. But, human beings are always eager to have delicious food.

There’s a solution to this. Jack invented Puresweet, an alternative to sugary foods. He premiered his product on Dragon’s Den UK.

What happened on the show? Was he able to satisfy the Dragons? Go through the article to know about Jack’s experience with the entrepreneurs.  

Quick Facts

Founders name: Jack Nyber
Business details: Sugar-free alternatives
Founded in: 2019
Location : Oxgate Lane, London, UK
Asking of Company: £75,000 For 5% Equity
Accepted Deals: £75,000 For 10% Equity
Dragon on board (Investors): Peter Jones, Tej Lalvani
Dragons’ Den Episode: Season 18 Episode 09
Net Worth £2 million
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 09, 2024
Social Media Instagram

About the Founder

Jack Nyber, the founder of the company, Puresweet. In September he debuted on the show and he reached an agreement with five dragons, and he experienced satisfaction with his Puresweet.

While entering the room, he was nervous and the scene was surreal for him. Standing in front of the Dragons whom he always wanted to negotiate with, it was like a dream come true for him.

Founding the Puresweet

Jack’s product is very intriguing. A fruit or vegetable-based sucrose alternative that is unrelated to fructose and comes from such sources. Jack asserts that Puresweet is completely free of the protein gluten, tastes, and behaves exactly like sugar in baking and other applications.

Other delicious goods that taste like sugar, he has produced include Maple Syrup, Honee, and Brown Shuga. The labels of these goods make it clear that they don’t include sugary foods.


Dragon’s Den Appearance 

The dragons on BBC’s Dragon’s Den recognized a lot of possibilities in Jack’s concept, and two of them have negotiated an agreement with an aspiring businessman to promote the innovative product and ensure smooth distribution.

Jack began his pitch but sadly neglected to disclose the total amount and the shares of his company. Peter joked about this matter while saying whether he is willing to offer the business for free. However, he firmly apologized for being a bit nervous and continued to pitch. Jack requested $95,504.92 as a reward for a 5% ownership stake.

Peter Jones acknowledged that he enjoyed the flavor of watermelon sherbet, which was still in its experimental phases at the time. Whereas, Deborah Meaden mentioned how much she enjoyed the Puresweet Hunee. The Dragons debated a lot regarding the expense of manufacturing the product and the company’s plans.

However, Jack was a bit disappointed when Touker Suleyman made his offer. He found it quite odd that he was willing to pay the same proportion as Peter Jones and Tej Lalvani had since he had no prior experience bringing food companies to the marketplace.

Did Jack accept the offer or not? It is not known about his final decision. But, the pitch was a hit.

After Dragon’s Den 

Puresweet is a product worth publicity. Sugar alternatives will either become obsolete or be forced to imitate an upcoming entrepreneur’s invention if the market begins to introduce something like this into households.

The company is currently encouraging an estimate above $2,54,679.80, but with the commercial success of the show, that worth will undoubtedly increase.

We are looking forward to seeing how far Puresweet progresses throughout the years under the leadership of Jack Nyder and how well the organization expands and satisfied a market vacuum.

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