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Redo of Healer Season 2: The Magic is All Set to Return in 2023!




Redo of Healer Season 2

Redo of Healer is a 2021 anime series that has been adapted from a novel authored by Rui Tsukiyo. Even in just one season’s time, the series had been successful in building itself a loyal and robust fan base. Ever since the wrap of the first season, the fans of the show have been eagerly waiting for a second season to happen.

Otakus always loves an unconventional storyline which despite being unique in itself feels relatable. All famous and long-running animes have this in common and the same goes for Redo of Healer as well. It portrays an interesting story where the protagonist after being ragged by various people turns around and takes his revenge.

If you have been a passionate fan of the show then we might just have some piece of good news for you. Keep reading.

What is the release date of Redo of Healer season 2?

Ever since the first season of the show had wrapped up, the fans have been eagerly waiting for some news regarding a potential second season. It was apparent given the ending of season one that a second season would have to be introduced soon. The question was when and where.

Now, after almost 2 years since the season finale of Redo of Healer season one, the fans finally have some good news to look forward to. The second season of Redo of Healer will shortly be in production. It is going to be released sometime in the year 2023. The wait is finally almost over.

The fans, however, will have to keep on waiting for an official confirmation or a trailer release. That is when the viewers of the show could have some concrete idea about the release date of Redo of Healer season 2.

What is going to be the plot of Redo of Healer season 2?

The plot of Redo of Healer follows the story of Keyaru. After being treated badly by several people, the adventure of Keyaru’s life unfolds. He finds out that he has a magical healing power. He can use that power to heal others.

His past traumatic years helped him take a practical approach whenever helping out a person. He had been sexually abused and exploited by several people in the past and after he acknowledges his powers, he sets off to take his revenge. His quest to find and defeat the demon lord and bring peace as the King of Gioral is a dream he drives closer to every day. The twist lies elsewhere though.

Even though Keyaru has the potential to become a great man one day, he is often driven by the hatred he has towards the people who had abused him in the past. To rise beyond that hatred and to rise to a sense of justice that is not driven by selfish desires is the real quest that Keyaru’s character is on.

Season 2 will shed more light on Keyaru’s development arc. Also, in the list that Keyaru maintains of the persons who had exploited him, the last name was still to be revealed at the end of season 1. We also do not know what path Keyaru would take after defeating Bullet.

All this, and perhaps much more, will be revealed in the 3rd season of Redo of Healer.

Who are the potential cast members of Redo of Healer season 2?

The main cast of the show is expected to remain the same. Below you can take a look at the potential cast members of a probable season 2 of Redo of Healer. The picture will become clearer once the trailer for the season is released.

  • Yūya Hozumi as Keyarga
  • Ayano Shibuya as Freya
  • Shizuka Ishigami as Setsuna
  • Natsumi Takamori as Eve
  • Minami Tsuda as Norn
  • Natsuki Aikawa as Kureha


Even though Redo of Healer had created quite a buzz for its sexual scenes and the abundance of the same across the episodes, the story that builds the foundation of the main plot is very interesting. The tussle between a man’s desire for revenge and the cosmic sense of right and wrong is constant throughout the series. Fans hope season 2 will be as thrilling as its predecessor had been.

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