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Rescue Swag Net Worth 2024: Security Over Anything




Rescue Swag Net Worth

How peaceful it is to know that the people you care about are secure, and the money from the bank will also be benefitted those living in distant, rural areas and provincial regions.

The world’s first smart medical care pack, Rescue Swag, was developed as a reaction to a demand for a handy, all-inclusive safety reaction. It began with a humble beginning and made its first notable debut on Shark Tank Australia Series 1.

Follow the article to know about the company.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Tracey Beikoff
Business details: a Comprehensive first-aid kit
Founded in: 2013
Location : Queensland, Australia
Asking of Company: $220,000 for 20% of equity
Accepted Deals: $100k for 40% of equity + $10 Royalty per item
Sharks on board (Investors): Steve
Shark Tank Episode: Season 01 Episode 05
Net Worth: $20 Million
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2024
Social Media: Facebook

About the Founder 

Tracey Beikoff has experience working in prisons as well as being an instructor by profession. She enjoys riding horses, and despite her years of outside exploration, she had never discovered a clear and efficient emergency care method.

Founding the Rescue Swag 

The Rescue Swag is a flashback to the traditional Australian backpack. In 2012 it witnessed the company’s launch, and in 2013 it saw 12,000 purchases. 30,000 Rescue Swag kits costing $220 each were distributed in the year 2014.

The item includes a personal finding beacon, a harness, a brace, a compression gadget, a water carrier, and an emergency aid set that may be used as travel utensils. It can be mounted on the back of a bicycle or an automobile and is lightweight and petite.

During their debut on Shark Tank, Rescue Swag unveiled the kit-compatible model of their device. Mobile data software doesn’t require cellular connectivity or an operator SIM card. A video regarding how to deal with the scenario is given once the customer detects the data chip in the box that identifies the issue, eliminating the threat of anxiety. Additionally, it deals with which kit components the user requires and how to utilize them.

Rescue Swag

Shark Tank Appearance 

Rescue Sway got featured on Shark Tank in February 2015. 20% capital was requested by Beikoff for $220,000. She informed the Sharks, fifty percent of it will be used for production. The remaining half would be allocated for promotion and legal expenses.

Given that the largest solo purchase was simply for 20 units, Steve had doubts about the projected demand. Naomi Simson and Janine Allis left the company due to concerns they had about the company’s structure and pricing. Allis, though, said that she would obtain one for herself. The possibilities for the US trade caught Andrew Banks’ attention. He left the company because he had a problem with the production scale.

The test application piqued Steve Baxter’s curiosity. He made an average bid of $220,000, $100,000 for a 40% stake in the company, and $120,000 to be paid back as a royalty at $10 per unit.

Beikoff sharply concurred. Banks took this opportunity; he came up to Baxter and made an offer of $50,000 for the US freedoms. Baxter immediately reconciled the purchase. Dii Dunlop acquired the company from Beikoff in 2019 and has since elevated the offering.

After Shark Tank 

The brand, Rescue Swag, created in Australia has a 4.7/5 Trust Score and is a popular one. Rescue Swag has advanced to greater dimensions amid its new leadership, and Beikoff received her agreement.

As of 2022, the Rescue Swag has pushed up an estimated worth of $20 Million.

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