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What Happened to Robert Bobroczky?




What Happened to Robert Bobroczky?

We often come across people in our lives that leave a lasting impression. Robert Bobroczky, otherwise known as the 7’7 beast in basketball is one of them. There’s a saying that basketball players over 7’ make it to the NBA.

However, in the case of Robert, it was the complete opposite. Instead of augmenting his chances of securing a big win in the NBA line-up and going professional, it was Robert’s height that imposed an obstruction in his career and he had to stop playing the sport.

Robert, who hails from Romania, garnered a lot of popularity due to his height where he grew up to 7’7 without any kinds of abnormalities or growth disorders. Reports suggest that it was the strong genetics that contributed to the player’s steep growth.

His height, which imposed the biggest obstacle in his professional basketball career, is thanks to his father, who is 7’1”, and his mother, who is 6’1”. Both his parents are professional players. His father was a professional basketball player while his mother played volleyball and handball.

With the kind of genetics Robert was blessed with, it wasn’t even a surprise when he grew up to 6’2” by the time he was just 8 years old. If you are inquisitive about Robert Bobroczkyi and want to know more about him, we have accumulated all the information in this article.

Who is Robert Bobroczkyi?

Robert Bobroczkyi is a popular sportsman who was born on July 17, 2000, in Romania. His popularity and fame are all thanks to his abnormally large height, which most people thought was due to overgrowth syndrome or some kind of issues related to his growth hormones in the body.

However, it has been medically proven that Robert’s height is all due to his genetics. By the time Robert was 8 years old, he measures 6’2”, surpassing his mother’s height.

By the time he turned 12, Robert had a height of 7’1” and later grew to 7’7” by the year 2017. He hasn’t grown much after that.

Why is Robert Bobroczkyi Famous?

We live in a world where “unique” things are highlighted. With his unique stature and his steep growth despite his young age, it wasn’t surprising that Robert managed to gain a lot of popularity and fame globally.

When he turned 14, Robert was recruited by A.S. Stella Azzurra in Italy. It is a popular basketball organization. During his time with the tea, Robert ended up helping his team win the under-15 national championship. However, what stood out among all is his exceptional height.

Following the initial success that he got with the basketball organization in Italy, several videos of him surfaced on the internet and went viral. His jumping shots and his passing skills caught the attention of basketball enthusiasts across the world, further contributing to his popularity.

However, despite his skills and his sportsmanship, Robert couldn’t play for long on the court. His tall height hindered exponentially his playing experience. To conserve his stamina, Robert ended up playing for a few minutes on the basketball court.

What happened to Robert Bobroczkyi?

Despite his initial popularity and internet fame, Robert couldn’t flourish in the professional NBA industry due to multiple reasons. During the initial stages of his basketball career, Robert relocated to the United States, specifically to Geneva, Ohio.

There he was enrolled in SPIRE Institute and Academy. To build his muscles and beef him up for professional tournaments, Robert played for limited minutes on the court during his rookie season with SPIRE.

Besides that, Robert was also a student at Grand River Academy in 2018, following which he enrolled at Rochester University during the rise of the pandemic. During that period, Robert returned to his hometown in Romania to live close to his family. He stayed there for a year before returning to the U.S.

Currently, Robert is training for his professional basketball journey at SPIRE. There are no further updates about him or his plans in basketball.

Why did Robert Bobroczkyi have to Halt his Basketball Career?

Although Robert had a zeal for basketball and possessed the skill too, it was surprising when he had to go through a lot of challenges and obstacles.

During the peak of his career and practice, Robert ended up getting diagnosed with scoliosis, which led to the curving of his backbone, leading to pain and a lot of discomforts. However, Robert was determined to shine through despite the challenges.

Robert acquired a lot of treatment and even underwent surgery, following which he returned to his basketball career. Over the years, Robert has trained harder than normal to ensure that he goes back into shape and gets back on the court.

With Robert turning 23 this year, there are very less chances for him to get into the professional NBA.


Robert Bobroczkyi is undoubtedly one of the most talked about rookie basketball players. His height put him on the map, making people talk about him and praise his skills in court. If you were inquisitive about his current state of being, we hope this article gives you a complete rundown.

Tessa is a Senior Writer at Patty360. She has previously worked as a freelance journalist for various news sites in the UK.

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