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Ryan Pineda Net Worth in 2023: How Wealthy is the Real Estate Broker?




Ryan Pineda Net Worth

Many of you are familiar with Ryan Pineda because of baseball. He used to be a professional baseball player before becoming a real estate broker. He played in the MLB for Oakland Aesthetics.

At present, he is a successful real estate broker and social media influencer. He often shares his knowledge about real estate with his followers. His current net worth is estimated at $4.3 million. If you are eager to learn more about the former baseball player, keep reading this post.

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Ryan Pineda was born on 17th April 1989, in Las Vegas. He was interested in baseball from a very young age. He attended California State University, where he played baseball on the college team. During this time he was drafted into the MLB by Oakland Athletics.

After three years in the MLB, he was released from his team. However, he wanted to continue in this field. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it big in baseball.

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While he was still a baseball player, he started testing his luck in the real estate field. He bought a new property with his cousin. They put the house on rent to generate money to pay off their mortgage.

After some time, he started selling couches and sofas on Craigslist. Although he was earning well from this venture, he didn’t want to stick with it. This is when he decided to focus on real estate.

He soon started getting multiple real estate deals. This is when he took retirement from baseball and began a full-time career in the real estate field.

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Other Ventures

Ryan founded Forever Home Realty, a brokerage company with over 90 employees. He also started a CPA service, TrueBooks.

Sometime later, he introduced a real estate course, Future Flipper. He established three more businesses including Wealthy Agent, Homerun Offer, and Pineda Capital.

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Net Worth and Earnings

At present, Ryan Pineda is the owner of six companies. This helped him generate a massive amount of wealth. As per sources, the value of his rental properties is close to $7 million.

He also gets paid for various sponsorship deals. That’s not all, he also invested his money in retirement savings accounts and crypto coins. As of 2023, his net worth is $4.3 million.

Personal Life

Ryan Pineda is settled in a luxury house in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is married to Mindy Pineda. The two share two beautiful children.

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1. How did Ryan Pineda make his money?

Ryan Pineda is a popular name in the real estate investment scene. If you are wondering where he started his income, reports suggest that Ryan was initially earning $1200 per month being a minor league baseball player. However, at the age of 21, he decided to get his real estate license to augment his income.

2. What business does Ryan Pineda own?

Ryan is now the proud owner of multiple companies like Homerun Offer, Forever Home Realty, and Future Flipper. He is also the author of the popular book, Future Flipper. With dedication and innate talent, Ryan was able to flip around 100 houses in under a year, contributing to his popularity.

3. How much does Ryan Pineda charge?

With the kind of popularity that Ryan has gathered, he is very transparent about things. When asked about his charges, Ryan clarified that he charges between $5000 to $25,000 for his coaching programs under Future Flipper. 

4. Why is Ryan Pineda famous?

Ryan Pineda’s popularity primarily stems from his real estate ventures and investments. He actively flipped hundreds of homes, including rentals and multi-million-dollar homes, which contributed to his popularity exponentially. Besides his active businesses, he also became popular on social media quickly.

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