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Sharknado Alive Net Worth 2023: What Made The Sharks So Intrigued 




Sharknado Alive Net Worth

Want to experience an adrenaline rush? Here’s an adventurous ride for you. Be prepared for a terrifying voyage through a maze-like experience that will contain shark visuals as well as sounds in twisters.

Harris premiered this company on Shark Tank in May 2016, which blew away the minds of fellow Sharks.

If you are enthusiastic about what you do, you will undoubtedly pour everything into it. In the case of Lynton, he hurled sharks at sharks. How ironic! In the end, everything turned out well. Let’s find out what happened inside the Tank.

About the Founder 

Lynton V. Harris is the brain behind the company, Sharknado Alive. When he was 16 years, he began working in the realm of entertainment, creating his own independent DJ Company.

Founding the Sharknado Alive

Sharknado Alive is an active amusement park for people to enjoy adventurous rides. The ride contains the extremely frightful presence of sharks. Additionally, everything is dynamic, which greatly enhances realism, just like a spooky mansion.

A cult-like fanbase has been developed for the Sharknado film series. This indicates that a large number of people are drawn to the category.

Shark Tank Appearance 

Lynton demanded $475,000 for a 50% ownership stake in his Sharknado business when he appeared on Shark Tank.

An aide offered the sharks, umbrellas to start their proposal, and suddenly fake sharks got excited and flung in towards the sharks. However, they seemed to appreciate the presentation a lot. The sharks probed hard and discovered that $300,000 will be used to construct the tourist attraction, with the remaining funds going for transportation and associated costs.

The fact that Lynton earned the Shark’s trust for having a positive agreement with Dreamworld. Andrew Banks assumed command. Andrew proposed that all the sharks who participated in the arrangement were motivated by the realization that only two leases of the amusement structure would allow them to recoup their investment. The notion was met with astonishment and general disinterest from everyone. However, maybe they were looking to have a bit of entertainment. Then everyone, including Steve Baxter, agreed that Andrew needs to take responsibility for his due diligence along with additional issues.

But Lynton was surprised by the contract that the Sharks placed in front of him.

After Shark Tank 

The Sharknado Alive ride is available everywhere now. No doubt, it is a successful company. Or perhaps it got highlighted in locations like Sunway Lagoon, which was covered in a 2019 article on Sunway city. 

The Sun Daily demonstrates the attention to detail that went into the creation of the set. Even as late as October 2020, the drawback is mentioned on the park’s Facebook profile. This indicates that Lynton’s objective of spreading his concept with Sharknado fanatics became successful.

Harris is currently the owner of Sudden Impact Entertainment. His financial position is $900,000, claims With a firm worth over $500k, Lynton was able to secure the sole global license to use Sharknado as the centerpiece for live interactive events.

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