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Soccer Star Net Worth: Reliving The Memories With Your Favourite Player 




Soccer Star Net Worth

How interesting and exciting it is to play as your favorite player, right? This is for all the football fans out there! Here’s a storytelling game for you guys, where you can live the life of your favorite player by playing it. A great sensation indeed!

Holmes started his company on Dragon’s Den, where everyone was amazed by the concept of it.

When every dragon wants to invest in your company, you know your strategy is winning. Did that give Holmes the confidence he needed to prefer to do it alone? Let’s find out.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Stephen Holmes
Business details: Personalised football comic books
Founded in: Unknown
Location : UK
Asking of Company: £60,000 for 10% equity
Accepted Deals: £60,000 for 25% equity
Dragon on board (Investors): Peter Jones
Dragons Den Episode: Season 16 Episode 11
Net Worth $38,20,197.00
Business Status: Dissolved
Last Updated: Mar 05, 2024

About the Founder

The enterprise, Soccer Star was founded by Stephen Holmes. He is the father of two children. He has a habit of composing tales for his kids which also serves him the motivation of inventing a new business. Stephen worked as the sale manager for a data analytics corporation while creating Soccer Star.

Founding the Soccer Star

Customers can purchase customized goods from Soccer Star via the Sports Star brand, notably a children’s book that depicts matches involving football. The purchaser can select to be the protagonist of the narrative and give the individual an identity. 

The most interesting fact is that you can choose any real-life football clubs which are included in the narrative. This is the perfect surprise for people of all ages, as are some other things like vouchers and some additional gifts.

Comic books have distinct graphics, and when the audience recognizes their identity in the narrative, it creates an unforgettable sensation, as stated by the Stephen also secured permission to utilize the identities and logos of authentic, existent squads.

Soccer Star

Dragon’s Den Appearance 

In episode 16 of Dragons’ Den UK, Stephen appeared confidently and requested $76,403.94. He was preparing to sell a 10% interest in Soccer Stars. He claimed to have previously sold 8,000 units for Christmas in three months. All five dragons approved of the concept but also offered recommendations for its development, including giving each figure a distinctive hairstyle and complexion.

Peter Jones questioned his decision to remain in his position given how successful the commercial concept seemed. He was very eager to know Stephen’s dedication to the company. Stephen found himself in the fortunate yet challenging situation of having all five dragons offer him. 

However, Touker’s proposal was less appealing because he requested a 40% share of the company. Whereas, the other four dragons promised him their money in exchange for 20% or 25% shares.

Even though they disagreed on the hardship of him leaving his actual work, he was blessed with a family to support. However, Stephen ultimately chose Peter Jones. This deal covered 25% of the firm’s revenues.

After Dragon’s Den 

Stephen had an annual revenue of $2,29,211.82 and made a profit of $1,27,339.90 before the Dragons’ Den visit. The company’s website shows that it is still operating successfully. 

The Scottish Leagues, Premier League, and English Football Leagues are now available for selection. However, on various websites, Peter Jones is not mentioned, probably because they never concluded negotiating together.

Soccer Star is now hosting a projected worth that exceeds $38,20,197.00 because of its strong profitability and revenue numbers.

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