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Space Force Season 3: When is the Next Season of the Beloved Military Fiction Due?




Space Force Season 3

After 2 very successful seasons, Space Force started to encounter certain difficulties along its way. Even though there were mixed reviews from the end of the critics, the fans of the show were very much pleased with the content and narrative of it. So, when the show started to face some problems and rumors started to spread that the 3rd season of Space Force would be canceled, the fans got very anxious.

Is the show getting canceled? If so, why did Netflix and the creators of the show decide upon such a drastic conclusion for the future of the show? If the show is going to continue then what could be the possible plot line that it would contour? We have got it all answered here.

What is the release date of Space Force season 3?

The best way to deal with potential bad news is to get it all out without much delusion or delay. It remains uncertain as to whether or not a season 3 for Space Force is happening. Following the 2 seasons that the show was able to premiere, the series started to witness serious budget cuts. 

Above that there was also a change in the location and setting of the series. These could perhaps be some of the reasons as to why Netflix, the host platform of the show, decided to call off the show.

Most likely a season 3 of Space Force will not be happening. However, with such a brilliant cast it would perhaps be a shame to call off or cancel the series just yet. Given the response from the end of the audience, the show can still carry on for at least one more season. 

If season 3 is going to be in production at all, the fans can expect to know the details soon enough or expect a trailer launch by the end of 2023 or in the first half of 2024.

What could be the plot of Space Force season 3?

As has already been made clear, the host platform has hinted that the show will probably not be back for a 3rd season. The makers and creators of the show have not yet confirmed the news. So, skepticism and hope surrounding a potential plot line of Space Force season 3 becomes very obvious.

The basic story that the show follows is that of an office drama fused with the genre of military fiction. The series essentially follows the adventures of General Mark Naird, played by Steve Carell, and his team. Towards the end of season 2 which was stretched across 7 well-spun episodes, it was shown that Naird and his team of excellent and efficient soldiers detect a gigantic asteroid hurtling straight towards our planet.

If season 3 was to be launched, the creators would be sure to address all the plotlines they had kept hanging. Accordingly, season 3 of the show would take up from where season 2 had left off.

What would the cast of Space Force season 3 look like?

The cast of Space Force season 3 would probably not be that different since it is an ongoing series. Yet you cannot expect guest appearances or new characters to be included along the way. Since no trailer for Space Force season 3 is available as of yet, the cast of the show cannot be listed just yet. 

However, here is a potential cast list consisting of the actors and their corresponding characters that are bound to make a comeback if and when season 3 comes into production.

  • General Naird as Steve Carell
  • Dr. Mallory as John Malkovich
  • Erin Naird as Diana Silvers
  • Tony Scarapiducci as Ben Schwartz
  • Dr. Chan as Jimmy O Yang
  • Brad as Don Lake
  • Andrea Ali as Tawny Newsome
  • Captain Lancaster as Patton Oswalt


It is very evident and apparent that Space Force deserves a 3rd season. Due to certain technical difficulties that the show is facing at the moment, its future is being held at stake. It is not known for sure whether the show will be canceled for good or not. The fans can therefore keep on harbouring the little hope that Space Force might be back for a 3rd season.

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