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Sproing Fitness Net Worth 2024: Failed To Reach Its Record




Sproing Fitness Net Worth

Sproing Fitness bills itself to be an anti-treadmill racing exercise to protect participants’ muscles and backs.

The company was premiered on Shark Tank in 2019. In essence, their proposal was a treadmill that had an integrated spinal belt which provided support to the consumer as they ran and engaged in various aerobic activities.

Will the Sharks accept the proposal and support the company? Or they will counter-offer them? Go through the article to explore the given information.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Paul Toback, Steve Lenz
Business details: Fitness gym offering HITT workouts
Founded in: 2014
Location : Chicago, USA
Asking of Company: $500,000 for 8% equity
Accepted Deals: No Deal
Shark on board (Investors): None
Shark Tank Episode: Season 10 Episode 09
Net Worth: $30 Million
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024
Social Media: Instagram

About the Founder 

The people operating Sproing Fitness have experienced health and fitness in the industry. Bally Total Fitness’ CEO and Chief Executive Officer was Paul Toback. 

He collaborated alongside an engineering professor named Steve Lenz after quitting his job to explore ideas of his own. Sproing Fitness was founded by both of them and everything else, according to them, is destiny.

Founding the Sproing Fitness 

This company now has five locations with its own equipment and exercise options, so the company is more than just a manufacturer of specialty treadmills.

Sproing Fitness goods were created to address the frequent issues individuals experienced while jogging on running machines, particularly their uncomfortable effects on the bones of the knees and ankles. The organization primarily creates treadmills featuring unique inflatable cushions beneath their surface to reduce pressure.

Additionally, an integrated belt assists with a proper running position and lessens impact by effectively bearing some part of the consumer’s body weight.

Sproing Fitness

Shark Tank Appearance 

Paul and Steve entered the show and proposed $500,000 equity for an 8% ownership stake.

After the presentation, Kevin O’Leary appeared to be perplexed as to why the good was particularly required. He inquired with the owners how much it would cost to promote a single unit to a nearby gymnasium. Kevin wasn’t satisfied with Paul and Steve’s response. They asserted that the pricing range for delivering a device to a gym is $6,400.

Mark Cuban thought there were plenty of barriers in every phase of this organization’s development. More significantly, he was not convinced that it was a business that merited a $500,000 capital. He was the very first shark to withdraw from the conversation. The remaining four sharks decided to depart due to comparable motives.

Lori Greiner understands what they are attempting to achieve, however, she likes more general everyday items. Daymond John anticipates that there will be a great deal of customer information required, but he is powerless to assist.

However, Steve and Paul depart the tank without reaching an agreement. Nevertheless, Sproing Fitness is not over yet.

After Shark Tank 

Today, Sproing Fitness possesses a total of five locations with its tools and exercise routines due to the hard work and determination of Steve Lenz and Paul Toback. Before their debut on the show, it’s estimated worth was $6.25 million.

Subscriptions for additional gyms have risen as well slightly. Sproing Fitness reportedly earned $12 million in sales in 2020. As of 2024, the company’s total assets are $30 million.

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