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SubSafe Net Worth 2023: Quick Solution For Soggy Sandwiches 




SubSafe Net Worth

Nobody likes moist sandwiches which is why the SubSafe is useful. The couple, Adam and Desiree created this tool which is a useful box that will shield the items inside from moisture and heat.

After their appearance on Shark Tank, they were appreciated by their fellow Sharks. However, they did not support them, rather questioned their annual sales, excepting two Sharks.

Will the couple try their luck to convince the Sharks? It all depends on them. Let’s find out, what happened!

About the Founder 

The owners of the company are Adam and Desiree Haller. They belonged to Florida. Desiree is an incredibly successful entrepreneur. VyroSafe was founded by her in 2019 which is an active business now. She became the Chief Executive of SubSafe in 2018, and also the owner of Social Bands in 2020.

The life of the inventors was radically altered by one sweltering summertime. Adam took a destroyed sandwich from the refrigerator while boating in Florida. Thus, the concept of creating a watertight vessel originated.

Founding the SubSafe

Waterproof container SubSafe produces a variety of products, including Sandwich Containers, waterproof-proof cases, and Stainless-steel Cups. The product has three different colors – blue, charcoal, and pink, and each unit costs $17.95.

The sandwiches remain in a watertight box to maintain their freshness. If it is stored for long enough, they become unfit for eating. Plastic that is free of BPA is used to make this SubSafe. It is reusable. 

Any object kept in this container keeps its freshness for an extremely prolonged period. It is portable and travel-friendly.

Shark Tank Appearance 

The pair entered the Shark Tank and pitched for a $50,000 capital in exchange for a 15% share.

After listening to their marketing system, Kevin O’Leary was further interested in finding out the details of the company’s accounting records throughout the business.

Desiree demonstrated that her business only generated $40,000 in revenues since its debut, its revenue projections seemed a touch deflating. Adam also revealed to the sharks that he had sold his yacht to earn $37,000 for the business.

However, Lori Greiner became the only Shark to walk away from the ongoing discussion because she was not convinced to invest in their business.

Charles Barkley, a guest shark, and Mark Cuban decided to work together and put forward a proposal of $100,000 for 25% ownership. It did not take long for the couple to accept the proposal because they appeared to be happy about it.

After Shark Tank 

The business is still in existence. In 2022, the company made more than $1 million in annual revenue. Their goods are offered on various online platforms. On their official website, you can explore their latest goods that are now on sale. 

Therefore, we can assume that the SubSafe is heading towards positive developments with the assistance of Mark and Charles. The company’s fortune was nearly $4 million in 2019. However, their current projected worth is $1.6 million.

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