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Table 87 Net Worth 2023: What Happened Inside the Tank?




Table 87 Net Worth

The company, Table 87, premiered on Shark Tank and impressed the Sharks with an amazing live performance of the making of pizza. In 2012, Tony first launched his company and continued to gain his firm including 22 employees.

The Sharks were fascinated by his concept but at the same time doubted him. He managed to make a deal with one of the Sharks but it fell through, eventually. What exactly happened on the pitch and the company? Follow the article to know further!

About the Founder 

Tony Cucco, the brash proprietor of Table 87, is a native of Brooklyn. He fuses more contemporary methods with a few of the old charcoal stove pizza principles that were first used at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Cucco already had 87 Table restaurants under his management before making an appearance on Shark Tank, but he still lacked the funds to create a separate kitchen area to make pizzas.

Founding the Table 87

To give Americans from across the nation access to Thomas Cucco’s distinctive flavor of Brooklyn-style pizza, Table 87 was initially conceived. Cucco claims to have been one of the first individuals to successfully prepare pizza at 900 degrees Fahrenheit in a coal-fired oven.

Additionally, Cucco claims that his pizzas taste distinctive because he exclusively utilizes high-quality components including fantina cheddar, fresh mozzarella, and fully extra virgin olive oil. The concept behind Cucco was to offer chilled pizza by the piece and entire pizza.

Shark Tank Appearance 

Cucco requested $200,000 capital for a 10% ownership stake. Many among the sharks showed instant curiosity regarding Table 87.

Cucco begins his proposal with the pizzaiolo he brings spins the pizza dough around on the tip of his hand and launches it into the air in an attempt to attract the sharks.

Robert became the first person to walk out of the tank, alluding to the frozen pizza marketplace’s intense competition. Kevin and Barbara both expressed curiosity, but Barbara intended to alter the course of Cucco’s firm.

Ultimately, Lori and Thomas haggle over ownership before they settle on 18.5%, at which point the contract is signed with an embrace.

There is some uncertainty surrounding the Table 87 incident. After the performance, there were speculations that Cucco’s agreement with Lori failed to go through. Nonetheless, once the program premiered, Lori’s Twitter feed contained references to and advertisements for the business.

After Shark Tank 

Pizzas from Table 87 are sold in retailers to the west, even though the majority of those areas are located in the eastern parts. It seems that Cucco’s ambition to possess customers from all around the nation to eat his pizzas progressively came true.

Table 87 remains operational as of 2023. They have gained access to several supermarkets, notably Whole Foods, Walmart, The Fresh Market, Thrive Market, Union Market, Wegman’s, Stop & Shop, and others. Additionally, they have claimed that they intend to grow across the country.

They have amassed an estimated total asset of more than $10 million as a result of this.

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