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Teenager Earns $10,000 Per Month from his Video Game Side Hustle





Teenager Earns $10,000 Per Month from his Video Game Side Hustle

When you think about a part-time job, you often think about minimum wage and work that’s extremely tedious. But, it’s not the case with every teenager around the corner.

19-year-old Arash Lahijani from New York makes $10,000 a month by writing detailed and interesting backstories for certain video game characters. Despite what you think, Lahijani reports that it’s something he does on the side and not something he does full-time.

This isn’t the first rendition of a teenager making it big in the digital and gaming world because the advent of technology and immaculate video games is making more and more gamers convert their passion into a steady income source.

Reports suggest that Arash’s journey in this video game side hustle started when he created an account on the online job marketplace, Fiverr. He did it on April 2021 and since then has made over $60,000 only by writing character backstories for different video game franchises.

The best part about his side hustle is that it has led him to work with some of the leading online video game franchises like Grand Theft Auto, CNBC Make It, etc. 

Just after signing up on Fiverr, and in his second full month on the platform, Arash ended up making $9700, something that was extremely astonishing but equally satisfying for the teenage boy. 

Lahijani, who is a student of statistics and quantitative modeling at Baruch College in New York, was excited about the prospect. He reported saying that he couldn’t believe that writing backstories for video game characters would fetch him such a lucrative and steady income.

Further reiterating his journey, Lahijani reported that his experience with writing character backstories for video games happened out of the blue. He learned about this opportunity at his school, where many students discussed this part-time hustle that made people pay $70 per back story.

Intrigued with the opportunity, Lahijani, who is quite enthusiastic about video games, didn’t want to forego the opportunity. He jumped right in and hasn’t looked back since then. Instead of relying on others, Lahijani wanted to do his research to understand the market demands before venturing into this side hustle.

Following the success of the first few gigs, Lahijani went ahead and made this into a lucrative side hustle, which he to this day manages alongside his studies. Whether or not he continues doing them will depend on how things pan out in his future.

Yash Dalmia is an Author here at Patty360. He is a passionate writer and a manager. He has also worked in many different websites as Author and content manager and has experience over 7yrs in this field.

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