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Temporary Forever Bags Net Worth 2024: A Permanent Solution For Travellers




Temporary Forever Bags Net Worth

The company, Temporary Forever Bags got premiered on Dragons Den, one of the popular commercial shows in September 2017, episode 3 of season 15.

To all the travel and hiking enthusiasts, this bag is a great help for you guy! The company has evolved into several of London’s best-known experts in high-end leather-based products.

However, the Dragons had very long pitching sessions, as Alex was adamant to deal with Jones only. Will his desperation win the battle? Let’s explore!

Quick Facts

Founders name: Alex Buzaianu
Business details: Versatile leather bags designed to carry laptops, gadgets and photography equipment
Founded in: 2013
Location : UK
Asking of Company: £90,000 For 7% Equity
Accepted Deals: £90,000 For 35% Equity (25% once the investment is repaid)
Dragons on board (Investors): Peter Jones
Dragon’s Den Episode: Season 15 Episode 03
Net Worth: £1 million
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
Social Media: Facebook

About the Founder

Alex Buzaianu, a traveler who was raised in Bucharest, soaking in both the historic and contemporary grandeur of the towns he travels.

The company Temporary Forevers is focused on the trip and its significance. We wanted to create a briefcase for those who will cherish it forever. As a designer, his goal was to create things that would effortlessly fit into daily lives throughout the exploration to collect these fleeting moments of memorable recollections.

Founding the Temporary Forever Bags

The name ‘Temporary Forever’ appears to be an incongruity of terminology.

Every item produced by Temporary Forever is hand-made to strict specifications. The business’s theoretical idea aims at developing an item of outstanding quality that’s guaranteed to endure forever ‘forever’ out of brief lapses that pass ‘temporaries’.

Temporary Forever Bags

Dragon’s Den Appearance 

Alex Buzaianu requested $1,14,058.35 for 7% ownership of his adaptable premium backpack and briefcase firm Temporary Forevers.

Using a Kickstarter crowdsourcing effort, Buzaianu sold goods valued at $1,77,496.90 in the previous year. Additionally, he made about $31,695.88 in sales online.

Buzaianu claimed the bags sold for $310.93 at wholesale. Tej Lalvani felt that the price was fair for an authentic leather carry, but Touker Suleyman felt the product was overpriced.

Suleyman, Lalvani, and Deborah Meaden withdrew due to an imbalance between competing interests and an absence of conviction that the good was expensive for consumers.

However, Both Peter Jones and Jenny Campbell were taken aback by the chic goods and their distinctive features.

Jones proposed for the same price in exchange for 35% of the business. However, Buzaianu requested Jones to admit that the $3,17,006.25 valuation of the business seemed excessively inadequate. But Jones objected. He expressed gratitude to Buzaianu for proposing.

Campbell proposed the full sum in exchange for 25% of the company. Buzaianu ignored Jenny and resumed the discussion with Jones requesting 20%. Jones responded with a 35% reduction to 25% when capital investment was recovered.

Buzaianu urged Jones to reduce his commission to 20%, but he claimed not to. Campbell then highlighted the fact that Buzaianu was going after Jones for a deal, so she retracted the deal and left.

However, Jones was pushed to slump to 20% to which he expressed his appreciation for Buzaianu’s bargaining style.

Buzaianu demanded assurances that Jones would set an urgent request for $3,17,006.25 with the company, Jessops. Jones concurred, and Buzaianu took Jones’ offer.

After Dragon’s Den 

Temporary Forevers has been left out of Peter Jones’ inventory because the sale broke down.

However, the organization is still operating, and Temporary Forevers, gained popularity and a positive response from the audience, due to its cameo on the show. They are currently referred to as Tefors, which maintains a devoted worldwide customer base with e-commerce serving as the primary distribution channel.

Following the broadcast, Alex’s projected personal wealth has increased to approximately $12,66,895.00.

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