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The Family Business Season 5 – Everything We Know About the Release Date




The Family Business Season 5

Sometimes, we try to watch series that we can’t experience in real life and The Family Business is a show that serves as a perfect depiction of that. The Duncan family’s high-octane world of luxury cars and clandestine activities captivated audiences for four seasons on BET+.

Now, with the fast-paced depiction of the show’s storyline, the fans are curious to know what’s next with the show. Is it returning with a new season? Will the show get canceled after four seasons? Well, there seems to be a lot of confusion.

To clear up everyone’s doubt, we have accumulated all the information that you’d possibly need to know about The Family Business Season 5.

When is The Family Business Season 5 Releasing?

BET+, which is responsible for renewing The Family Business for Season 2 has not said anything related to the show’s renewal yet. It does look like we’d have to wait for some more time to get access to more news about the new season.

Carl Weber has dropped hints on social media, suggesting that the writing team had already begun crafting new episodes. He even mentioned the cast being around 40% done with filming before the writers’ and actors’ strikes in late 2022.

So, that does leave the fans a bit hopeful about the show’s future. If you have been worried that the show will be canceled, that doesn’t seem like a possibility at this point. Although we won’t know anything for sure until we get confirmed news about the return of Season 5.

What can we expect from The Family Business Season 5?

If a fifth season materializes, prepare for another thrilling descent into the Duncans’ intricate web of secrets and betrayals. Orlando, the newly minted head of the family business, will likely face internal challenges as he grapples with his leadership role. 

Expect simmering tensions with his siblings, especially the ever-ambitious Sasha, who might harbor her aspirations for power. The external threats won’t disappear either. Rival gangs and law enforcement will continue to pose significant dangers, forcing the Duncans to navigate a treacherous landscape.

To be honest, if you are thinking that the fifth season will be somewhat cold and minimal, we’d recommend you switch your expectations. Carl Weber is not one for minimalism, so the fifth season will also end with a bang.

Who is returning to The Family Business Season 5?

With the cast remaining pretty much consistent through the first four seasons, we can remain hopeful that the same legacy will be carried forward in the fifth season too.

We can expect the main cast to return:

  • Javicia Leslie as Paris Duncan 
  • KJ Smith as Sasha Duncan 
  • Dylan Weber as Nevada Duncan 
  • Darrin Henson as Orlando Duncan 
  • Tami Roman as London Duncan 
  • Christian Keyes as Niles Monroe 
  • Ernie Hudson as L.C. Duncan 
  • Sean Ringgold as Junior Duncan


The Family Business Season 5 is set to bring along some of the most unexpected plot twists if that’s something that you have been hopeful to watch. To be honest, we don’t have a lot of information about the show’s future just yet, so it all fizzles down to what BET+ has in store.

Tessa is a Senior Writer at Patty360. She has previously worked as a freelance journalist for various news sites in the UK.

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