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Tree T Pee Net Worth 2023: Good Intention Creates a Good Deal




Tree T Pee Net Worth

Johnny is a devotee of water and farming conservation. He comes up with a solution that will profoundly affect farming and the capability to conserve energy. A very resourceful thinking indeed!

The company’s appearance on Shark Tank in 2013, episode 7 of season 5, had an enormous impact on the Sharks’ lives. They were taken aback by his concept. However, nothing happens with emotion or kindness, especially, business. So, the Sharks rejected his idea. But, there’s also a surprise, read the article to know about it.

About the Founder

The proprietor of Tree T Pee is named Johnny Georges. However, the first water conservation machine, which was formed in a conical shape and looped around citrus trees’ bases, was invented by Rick, his dad. Supporting his father, Johnny changed the template.

The outcome was a teepee-shaped structure which will help to conserve water while shielding the fruit plants from freezing.

Founding the Tree T Pee

An ordinary silicone object called a Tree T Pee is positioned around the center of trees. This contraption, which resembles a teepee, can collect a maximum of three inches of precipitation in a single hour, which is subsequently delivered to the tree origins.

The farmer utilizes 800 gallons of Tree T Pee to protect the trees rather than 25,000 litres of water which were used for irrigational purposes yearly.

Shark Tank Appearance 

On Shark Tank, Johnny Georges asked for a $150,000 capital investment in trade for 20% ownership.

The show’s guest shark John Paul DeJoria asked concerning the item. To demonstrate the invention, Johnny claimed that the Tree T Pee gathers three millimeters of rainfall in one hour after it has been placed around all three.

Kevin O’Leary seemed surprised by the quantity of water the good may potentially preserve.  

He ordered 127,500 Tree T Pees to be made. Profits are $4.50 per piece for $3.95 for each product. This made the Sharks unhappy with the profit margin because he was only making $1 off every purchase.

Lori asked Johnny about his marketplace skills to which he replied that he knew around 40 nursery operations, 19 of which operate for profit. Kevin contends that the business’s net income was minimal; therefore persuading distributors from across the world to help him might be difficult.

After continuous rejections, John promises to provide Johnny all he asks for—$150,000 for 20% of his equity—because he respects his dedication to a noble purpose. He happily accepted it.

Sharks praised him for signing the agreement that has the potential to change the daily lives of farmers all across the world, which caused a brief intense moment.

After Shark Tank 

Since making a cameo on Shark Tank, Tree T Pee has grown. Now, it provides additional products to farmers. Johnny was successful because of his sincere desire to support farmers while protecting the surroundings. His concept is still used nowadays in environmentally friendly farming practices all over the globe.

As of 2021, the organization values a total worth of $5 million. The company now sells the product for $8 each gadget after heeding the guidance of Shark John Paul DeJoria.

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