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TROBO Net Worth 2024: What Happened Inside The Tank? 




TROBO Net Worth

To all the parents around the world who face difficulty in controlling their kids from playing PC games, want to prevent your little ones from that? TROBO toy is a solution to your worries!

It is a soft toy that acts as a robot that can communicate with youngsters. Through this device, kids can play as well as learn. The device can answer any question.

The company appeared on the popular reality show, Shark Tank. Will the owners receive the deal they pitched for? To know, take a look at this article!

Quick Facts

Founders name: Chris Harden, Jeremy Scheinberg
Business details: STEM toy for children
Founded in: Unknown
Location : Orlando, Florida, USA
Asking of Company: $100,000 for 10% equity
Accepted Deals: $166,000 for 33.3% equity
Sharks on board (Investors): Robert Herjavec
Shark Tank Episode: Season 07 Episode 23
Net Worth: None
Business Status: Out Of Business
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
Social Media: Facebook

About the Founder

Two fathers, Chris Harden and Jeremy Scheinberg intended to provide their young ones with enjoyable toys. Both dads believed that most iPad games were narrow-minded and felt that youngsters were occupied with pointless gadgets. 

Their previous work, creating digital video/audio equipment served them well. The initiative was funded with $61,060 from a Kickstarter venture.

Founding the TROBO 

Robot TROBO represents a narrator. TROBO is essentially a speaker that disguises itself as a soft, fluffy toy and connects wirelessly to an Android or iOS. Children can be called by their names and have a virtual persona built for them in TROBO, which is dynamic and configurable.

To create an animated robot that could respond to toddlers’ inquiries about the critically needed STEM fields, they deserted the security associated with their six-figure careers.

TROBO is capable of reading five narratives that are already loaded on the gadget in either English or Spanish.


Shark Tank Appearance 

Scheinberg and Harden requested a $100,000 investment in consideration for 10% ownership of TROBO.

The company received the Small Business Innovation Research award from the National Science Foundation. The owners were funded along with the Kickstarter, to produce 2000 copies. For their Kickstarter supporters, 600 of them were set aside.

Mark Cuban promptly said that the concept was a kitschy innovation and that it was not fit for him.

Given the abundance of complimentary material accessible, Kevin O’Leary was skeptical whether a $50 cuddly toy device featuring exclusive material would catch on. Therefore, he left too.

Lori Greiner joined the trend since she felt concerned by the absence of enthusiasm at toy exhibitions where both partners participated.

Daymond John stepped off as he was aware of it.

However, according to Harjavec, the product required additional substance. He, therefore, offered $100,000 for a 33% ownership stake. However, it had a backup plan. Herjavec was sought a capital of $166,000 by Scheinberg and Harden for 33%. Herjavec concurred.

After Shark Tank 

The company’s stock of TROBO was certain to sell quickly due to promotion on Shark Tank. However, the agreement with Herjavec never happened. The corporation had difficulties as an outcome due to this.

The TROBO brand is no longer manufactured. According to their internet page, the TROBO narrative application was recently taken off the market because its upkeep is excessively pricey.

Following the show, they closed their doors, leaving them with no assets at all, according to a 2022 update.

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