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Was Betty Gore Pregnant When She Died?




Was Betty Gore Pregnant When She Was Murdered?

True crime cases have taken over our world and have become a source of recreation and alertness too. If you are a fan of true crime stories, chances are that you know about Betty Gore and her murder case.

Betty Gore was slashed 41 consecutive times in 1980 by one of her friends, Candy Montgomery. Although the murder wasn’t a planned attempt, things escalated the night of the murder back in June 1980, leading to Betty’s death.

Candy went to Betty’s house to get a bathing suit for Betty’s daughter, who was having a sleepover at Candy’s house, with her kids. While things started normal, Betty soon confronted Candy about having an affair with Betty’s husband, which escalated the situation.

If you are wondering why there is a sudden growing popularity surrounding this case, it is due to Hulu’s recently released show, Candy.

Was Betty Gore Pregnant when Murdered?

Betty Gore was not pregnant when she died. However, Betty and her husband, Allan, welcomed a girl a year prior named Bethany.

The little girl was inside the house when Candy murdered Betty. According to reports, Bethany has left along and unattended in the house, following Betty’s murder, for an entire day, until the neighbors broke into the house.

It was Allan’s neighbor, Richard Allen, who found Bethany crying in hunger and covered in vomit, suggesting that something wasn’t right in the house.

Is Allan to be Blamed for the Murder?

As we mentioned, the murderous rage in Candy rose when Betty accused her of having an affair with her husband, Allan.

However, reports suggest that Allan ended his affair with Candy temporarily when he and Betty were expecting their little girl, Bethany. According to the reports in Texas Monthly, Allan refused to have an affair with Candy, citing that he didn’t feel the same about her as he did for Betty.

Betty also had a history of cheating on Allan, which deeply hurt the latter. However, Allan didn’t want to put Betty through the same pain and hurt and hence avoided the affair altogether. However, despite the reluctance initially, Allan later gave in and the two started having an affair.

Despite the level of brutality with which Betty was killed, the Texas judge who was doing the ruling found merit in Candy’s self-defense, later acquitting her. If you want to know more about the case, you can watch the show “Candy” on Hulu.


How many times was Betty Gore struck by the murder weapon?

According to official reports that were published back in the 80s, Betty Gore was found dead on the utility room’s floor where the police found that she was brutally stabbed to death with an axe. She was stabbed around 41 times, which is truly horrendous.

What is Allan Gore doing now?

As per the reports mentioned on his Facebook page, Allan Gore is likely retired and is currently living in Sarasota, Florida. Reports also suggest that he has been in a domestic partnership since 2016 but no reports on whom it is with.

How was Candy found not guilty?

It was Pat who spoke out in Candy’s defense, staying by her side from the start till the end of the trial. Following hearing all the claims, the judges confirmed that Candy indeed ended up killing Betty for self-defense and later acquitted her.

How old is Candy Montgomery now?

Candy Montgomery was born on November 15, 1949, which makes her 73 years old right now. There aren’t many reports about her current whereabouts. The last rumors suggested that she was working as a mental health counselor. But, there are no official confirmations.

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