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4 Weird YouTube Channels to Watch in 2021




To have a successful channel on YouTube you first have to come up with something unique that no one else out there is doing. It doesn’t even have to involve lots of work as long as it’s original and well done. Here we’re taking a look at a selection of completely strange channels that have been created by some very talented people that have gained millions of views.

1. Eating Nicolas Cage

Welcome to the weird side of YouTube eating. In February 2019, Sumner Corrales uploaded a video titled “Day One of Eating Nicolas Cage Everyday”. The video was less than a minute and showed him eating a paper picture of Nicolas Cage. He said he will continue to do this until Nicolas Cage comes to his class and watches National Treasure with him in his history lesson. Sumner eats the picture in various locations and recently has been spicing things up a bit by deep-frying the picture or making a smoothie out of it. The channel has over 40,000 subscribers and regularly gets thousands of views. To date he has uploaded over 450 videos of him eating that same picture.

2. Jon Drinks Water

Jon Drinks Water was created in 2011 and is described as the internet’s premier water drinking series. The channel has 45,000 subs and has accumulated over 3 million views. Jon drinks water either from a bottle or a glass and sometimes he reviews different brands of water. The channel also offers custom made videos for viewers, where he sells three different shout out packages.

Jon has other crazy channels, one which is called ‘Jon Eats Carrots’ in which he eats bags of carrots to music. Another of his channels is called ‘Let’s Tape’ – here he tapes up various objects with cellotape. Perhaps the weirdest one on his channel is when he tapes up his parents house. Jon has a couple of other channels that are all equally strange.

3. Runforthecube

You probably know this channel from h3h3 back in the day but it’s so strange that we couldn’t leave it off the list. The creator of Runforthecube described himself as a non-professionally trained pronunciation and linguistics expert in the English language. The content features a weird-looking character with a creepy voice pronouncing things, reviewing stuff and doing parodies in his own unique language. The channel has nearly 400,000 subscribers and has had over 70 million views.

4. Weird Stuff

Weird Stuff is the first and most successful of the three weird channels. All three channels have one thing in common, toilets and what you can flush down them. Although occasionally they feature what you can squash with the crocs and what you can squash with a car. The toilet videos are basically what will and won’t flush down a toilet. They range from fruit, sweets, crisps, breakfast cereals, fizzy drinks and even Stretch Armstrong. If it doesn’t flush away, a plunger is used until it does. The most successful video on the channel has a staggering 127 million views.

James is the SEO Manager here at Patty360. He has worked as a content writer for various local and national news sites covering entertainment and tech.

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