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What Happened to Bashurverse?




What happened to Bashurverse

YouTube stars rise and fall, this has been the case since the platform launched in February of 2015 and it will likely never change. Bashurverse is no different. He had his time in the spotlight and now it’s over. But who is he and what happened to him? Why did he stop making YouTube videos? Will he ever start making them again? This article covers all of that and more.

Who is Bashurverse?

Bashurverse, real name Brandon Ashur, quickly rose to YouTube stardom over the production of his gaming videos. He jumped from a few thousand subscribers to millions between the years of 2010 and 2017. He collaborated with all the big-name gaming YouTubers and it seemed like just the start of a long, and very fruitful, streaming career. He was raking in the big bucks, so why would he ever want to stop making videos? After all, being a YouTube star is not an easy thing to achieve. Most people would kill for even a chance to be as successful as him.

What happened to him?

In 2017 the Bashurverse YouTube channel was progressively shut down. Profile picture, banner, and descriptions all deleted. The channel, and the videos, were quickly set to private leaving fans upset and confused. Not long after Brandon’s own social media profiles, twitter, etc were deleted without warning or explanation. A month later Brandon’s twitch and Facebook accounts were also shut down, fans reached out to him for an explanation. But none was coming.

Why did he erase his internet presence?

There is a lot of speculation around why he did what he did. Bashurverse had a huge following and that left a lot of people in an echo chamber discussing what the possible reasons can be. Having so many people bouncing speculative ideas off each other can lead to lots of lies and rumors, so anything you may have heard should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Rumors were circulating in early 2015 that Brandon had raped a child as a young adult. There is no evidence or basis for this accusation, but it did lead to relentless harassment of him and his channel. Whether this is true or not, it could be a big factor in causing him to walk away from it all.

The most likely reason is depression. Brandon made no effort to hide how he was feeling, he has always been open about his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. This is not something that can be dealt with easily, especially with a multi million person audience. The most likely reason is he wanted his privacy while going through such a difficult time.

Will he ever start making videos again?

Who knows is the short answer to this. Only Brandon knows if he will feel comfortable making videos again, anyone who says otherwise is just speculating. Most likely, no, he won’t. He went through the hassle of deactivating everything, it seems he has moved on to other things.


Hopefully, this article has given you everything you need to know about Bashurverse and what happened to him. It is a very sad situation all around. Whatever Brandon does decide to do in the future, his fans will be there for him.

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