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What Happened to SeaNanners YouTube Channel?




what happened to SeaNanners Gaming Channel

Seananners, aka SeaNanners, aka Adam Montoya was famously known on YouTube for his video gaming commentary. He quickly built up a solid fan base since joining the site, eventually amassing as many as 5.5 million subscribers. He built his solid following by collaborating with as many other successful YouTubers as possible. He even went on to star in the animated series “Paranormal action squad”. But one day he disappeared. This short article contains everything you need to know about Seananners, why he left YouTube, and much more.

Who is Seananners?

Seananners, real name Adam Montoya, started his YouTube career in 2009. In just the 10 years since his account was created, he accumulated a very large following of over 5.5 million dedicated subscribers. Adam would continuously upload good quality content to his channel for the entire time his account was active; up until recently. The sudden stop to his one time steady stream of content left fans unhappy and wanting more.

Why did he stop making content?

Montoya has given a few explanations as to why he has taken a step back from YouTube, mostly it is just to do with time requirements. He has other things going on his life that require his attention, YouTube monopolized his free time and left other aspects of his life neglected. He mentioned that he was traveling a lot with his long time girlfriend and their cats; and that spending so much time on the road left little time for planning, recording, editing, and uploading of the kind of quality content he is known for. That, and when you are on the road having access to a PC and all the necessary recording equipment isn’t an option.

Montoya also mentioned that he had recently thrown himself into the property business and was renovating a few different places. This alone is a full-time job, and without his care and attention could end up losing him a lot of money. Understandably, he made these properties, his cats, and his girlfriend his priority.

Will he ever start to make new content?

Will Seananners ever upload to YouTube again? Who knows but Adam. The chances of him uploading again could be considered high, as it was always something he enjoyed. Perhaps once his life has settled down, the properties have been refurbished and he has moved on from them his schedule will open up. If he does choose to start uploading content again, his fans will be ready and waiting. If he chooses not to, well that’s okay too. Everyone is entitled to live their life however they choose.


Hopefully, this article has given you all the information you needed about what happened to Seananners. Thankfully this channel being shut down is not as shrouded in confusion and sadness as other such channels that were deleted. But for such a popular channel to essentially shut down is always disappointing, however, the creator’s happiness should always come first. After all, if Adam Montoya doesn’t want to make any more videos who can make him?

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