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What Happened to Tobuscus?




toby turner - what happened to him

There is such a thing as YouTube stardom, there is also such a thing as YouTube superstardom. Tobuscus was certainly the latter. He very quickly built one of the most successful channels on YouTube, filling it with unique and hilarious content. But what happened to Tobuscus? What could cause such a huge channel to shut down? This article covers all of that and more.

Who is Tobuscus?

Tobuscus, aka Toby Turner, is a YouTube sensation who managed to quickly drum up a huge following for his channel. Turner specialized in gaming videos, writing and producing his comedy music videos, and making “literal trailers” poking fun at how silly movie and video game trailers are. His content was pretty unique and because of this, he managed to have over 6 million followers at the time of his channel starting to flop. He collaborated with several huge YouTubers such as Jack Douglas (Jack’s films). His sudden drop off from the top was disappointing for many people.

Why did he stop making content?

There is a lot of speculation as to why he stopped making his video content, and why his viewership started to plummet. A large part of it is the gaps he left between uploading; a YouTuber who doesn’t upload content won’t stay on top for long. People have short memories, they move on quickly. By the time Turner had returned to his regular upload quantities the fans had largely moved on.

There are also rumors going around, with his ex-girlfriend as the source. In 2016 Turner’s ex-girlfriend, April Fletcher started spouting information about Turner with no concrete evidence to back it up. Rumors such as he was addicted to drugs, that he cheated on her and all his past girlfriends, and that he had drugged and raped her. These are all very serious allegations, ones that should not be spread around without concrete proof. These rumors were started after they broke up, and after the channel had already taken a dive. Whether there is any validity to her claims is up in the air.

Will he ever start to make content again?

He already started making content again briefly, but his viewership was no longer there. It is unlikely that Tobuscus will ever be as popular as he once was, or even if he would want to be. Being the center of such a horrible rumor must be very grating on a person’s happiness. He made plenty of money from his channel, chances are he has enough to take it easy for the rest of his life. He still has fans, just not as many. If he does decide to give streaming another go, there will be those who still support him; and those that don’t.


Hopefully, this article has given you everything you need to know about who Tobuscus is and what happened to him. The channel slowing down is disappointing enough, these rumors only make it worse. Whether they are true or not will probably never be public knowledge, we as fans can only hope they are just vicious lies meant to hurt him. Whether you think they are true or not is, of course, up to you.

James is the SEO Manager here at Patty360. He has worked as a content writer for various local and national news sites covering entertainment and tech.